300 Workout - Lean & Mean In Months With Spartan Warrior Training!

When the '300' movie came out, men and women everywhere were eager to learn how King Leonidas and his Spartan warriors got their abs of steel.

As soon as the "300" movie came out, the "300" workout came out. Men and women everywhere, from all walks of life, were eager to learn how King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and his Spartan warriors got their abs of steel, boulder shoulders, barn door backs, etc.

The truth is, the training regimen was the brainchild of the mens' trainer, Mark Twight. Because of his workout training plans, many of the men went from being around 40 pounds overweight to being lean, mean, fighting machines in a matter of months. Others just improved their level of fitness and conditioning exponentially.

The workout is done in a giant-set fashion. That is to say, you go from one exercise, to the next, to the next, with little to no rest in between. However, if you cannot complete the desired number of reps for each exercise, you are permitted to rest/pause, until you complete all reps before moving on to the next station.

* It should be noted that this routine was not used everyday by the men in the film, and should not be used everyday by recreational exercisers. Remember, this workout isn't for beginners. The demands on the muscles are high, and you risk injury. So make sure you know what you're doing before you attempt to become a Spartan.

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