Shoulder Spectacular: Your Complete Guide To Well-Rounded Shoulders

Your shoulders are critical to every upper-body movement. Learn how to strengthen, protect, mobilize, and develop your own well-rounded set!

Your shoulders are remarkable. Each one is made of three bones, three joints, multiple muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Your shoulders have an insane range of motion, and they're critical to most upper-body movements. Unfortunately, your shoulders are also relatively unstable and prone to injury. Because your shoulders are so important, you must make them strong.

The articles below cover everything from shoulder mobility to all-out delt domination. Check out the special edition of We 'Mirin for some training inspiration, try out the various workouts, build some front-to-back balance, and carve the delts of your dreams.

6 Super Shoulder Fixes

Your shoulders are a complicated junction for bone, muscle, and connective tissue. These mobility drills work like a traffic director, saving you from pain and dysfunction down the road. Make them a priority!

5 Moves To Bigger Traps

You can have the biggest arms in the world, but if they're not connected to some boulder shoulders or thick, tall traps, you're going to look silly. Build the traps you want with these 5 movements!

9 Moves To Shapely Delts

Round, shapely shoulder caps make our waists look smaller and our summer tank-tops fit better. Here's the workout you need to build your own pair of sexy, summer shoulders!

We 'Mirin Special Edition: Shoulder Spectacular

Get inspired to build bolder shoulders with this collection of 23 devastatingly awesome delt shots!

5 Movements To Balance Your Delts

Everyone can benefit from better posture. But your steady diet of pushing exercises isn't helping. Put these strategic moves in your program and stand up for yourself!

4 Shoulder-Building Compound Moves

Looking for a new way to add size and shape to your shoulders? Get out of the lateral-raise rut and give these compound movements a shot. You'll like what you see!