Bicep Blowout!

This ones gonna take you way further than your regular straight sets of barbell curls you meathead freaks! While barbell curls are certainly a worthy training staple...

This ones gonna take you way further than your regular straight sets of barbell curls you meathead freaks! While barbell curls are certainly a worthy training staple, there is more you can do that is equally productive as well, so if you're not responding to your barbell curls much anymore, this workout will no doubt shock 'em good. I love training bis super heavy and here's how to do it...

Get your elbows good and warm with several sets before goin' heavy with these exercises and do them in the prescribed order for best results. If you try this workout after back and your bis are already tired, you may as well not even bother. If you really want to upgrade a body part, always hit it fresh and first for max intensity. In your super heavy sets, always keep your entire arm tensed and tight so you don't tear something with the overload poundage you'll be using.

#1 One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curls - (Negative Oveload)

You might be thinking to yourself, "this exercise isn't as heavy as my barbell curls" but you'll soon see different when you see how there done. I can use 85s (max) with these and I can only barbell curl 135 pounds (max) so its a total of 170 pounds for these and only 135 for the barbell curls so you do the math. You can use overload poundage on this one by keeping the weight in the top of the exercise (where you have the most curling power leverage) and then when you can curl it no more, use your empty hand to spot yourself on some long, slow, treacherous negatives for ultimate, focused pressure dead in your biceps. I sometimes even use a weight so heavy I cant curl it once unassisted and spot myself on negatives with that crushing poundage for a MAJOR shock to the bis.

I must say I feel these negatives more in my bis than barbell curl negatives because on these, your elbow is locked in place which keeps the force of the weight focused in your bis. Try it and you'll see! Do a set or two of these hammer style too. These improve your bis because your channeling all your effort and concentration into one arm instead of two which results in more muscular stimulation and more precise pressure to the bis instead of spread out over your assistant muscles you use in barbell curls. Do as many sets as you feel you need(everyone's different and you'll know when your bis have had it) and go really heavy.

#2 Standing Hammer Curls - (Rest Pause Style)

These let you use heavy dumbbells as well which always helps with adding size. They also give you size on your forearms that regular curls don't provide while working the lower section of the bis as well. Try 4 sets with a very heavy weight(4-8 reps) with only 20 seconds of rest in-between sets to push your bis harder than usual in a shorter period of time which equals more intensity. Demand more from your bis and you'll get more bis.

#3 Two Arm Cable Curls From Top Pulley - (Drop Sets)

These really let you contract and target the peaks of your bis while keeping tension on them throughout the set. You'll get a great pump and feel if you do a set and follow it with two more lighter drop sets to finish this movement off with a real good burn in those peaks.

#4 Barbell Curls With 21s

Since the overload negatives and such have no doubt drained most of your strength by now, go for reps with your barbell curls for a change. If you have done this workout right, your bis should be smoked at this point so its time to finish them off with some reps for a skin splitting pump to grow on. Do 7 reps in the lower portion of the exercise, 7 more in the top, and then as many more reps as possible full range. Do this until your bis feel like they are going to explode and then you'll know you had a good day training bis.

If you limit yourself to only straight sets on your bicep exercises, your not really challenging them to reach their full potential. You'll notice I applied my very favorite three intensity boosters(negative overload, rest-pause, and drop sets) to the exercises to take you beyond your regular straight sets of everyday barbell curls into improvement. These methods will make you work harder so you'll get more out of your training. The overloaded preacher curls work the entire biceps ULTRA HEAVY, the hammer curls work the lower bis and forearms hard with the rest pause, and the drop sets of cable curls fry the peaks so this workout does hit the entire bicep area quite effectively. Train with passion and remember you get out what you put in!!