Military Bodybuilder Of The Month: Alicia Ferris

It takes a special kind of military woman to set her eyes on the goal of scoring 100 percent on the men's PT test. But that's how tough Alicia Ferris is!

Military Bodybuilder Of The Month: Alicia Ferris

After Alicia finished college, she was feeling physically run down, too thin, and knew she needed a change. Once she set off to in the Air Force, she set her sights on adding more muscle and strength. When she saw Nicole Nagrani's bikini body at the Arnold Sports Festival, Alicia added competition to her bucket list as well.

Bodybuilding has given Alicia the confidence to fulfill her duties and has possibly helped outline her future once she departs from the USAF. She intends to open her own gym, so she can help others figure out the benefits of health, fitness, and bodybuilding, just like she did!

How did you get started in bodybuilding?

I've been involved with sports—soccer, cheerleading, and track and field—for most of my life, but never fell in love with it. I was a varsity cheerleader at the Air Force Academy for all four years I was there. After graduating from college, I realized I had run my body into the ground. I barely weighed 100 pounds!

This was when I began to focus solely on activities that truly interest me. First and foremost, I began working on my fitness. I'm astonished by other people's transformations from hard work in the gym. I started with to learn the fundamentals for training and nutrition. It was trying at times and there were a lot of setbacks but no matter where I went, the support was there from other fitness fanatics.

I fell in love with the process and the progress and never looked back! Today, I don't work out to just "stay in shape," but I can say without hesitation that fitness is my way of life.

What inspired you to join the military?

After graduating from high school I was not ready for college, so I joined [the Air Force] for new experiences. What I got was much more than that. I learned life and job skills and made new friends. I have been given so many wonderful opportunities! I also got to travel all over the world.

Will you please describe your duties in the military?

I provide contracting support for the military installation. I obligate the taxpayers' dollars, so to speak.

If you hadn't gone into the military, what occupation would you have pursued?

I have always been interested in the medical career field. I worked as a certified nursing assistant prior to joining the military, and my first AFSC was 3E031 (Public Health Technician) as an airman. I would love to be involved in the medical field again in a fitness-specific way. Currently, I am working on my MBA and recently got certified in personal training. I'm hoping to open up my own gym one day.

"I worked as a certified nursing assistant prior to joining the military, and my first AFSC was 3E031 (Public Health Technician) as an airman."

What is the biggest obstacle in leading a military lifestyle?

The biggest obstacle to leading a military lifestyle is managing time. You are expected first and foremost to do your job and the mission. When you accompany your duties with community service and continuing education, you find that you do not own your time; the government does.

The mission comes first and everything else after. I have to sacrifice my time to work out, time to study, and time with family and friends because I swore to defend my country. Although it is at times difficult to plan things out, it's just a small price to pay for the freedom we enjoy.

How important is it to you to perform well on a PT test?

The highest standards are those set by you, and you are your own harshest critic. While scoring well on the PT test is an important aspect of the military, improving performance year after year is my challenge. And I keep raising my own standards! I don't settle for mediocrity. My high score on the PT test is 100 percent, and hopefully I'll be getting 100 percent on the men's test this year!

Ultimately, it all comes down to my desire to stay fit. I want to present a professional, strong, but feminine image to all the young women out there who aspire to be in the military. The Air Force does a wonderful job of providing time during the week to work out. Your results are determined by to how much effort each individual puts forth during the time given.

"While scoring well on the PT test is an important aspect of the military, improving performance year after year is my challenge."

What workout plan worked best for you?

Besides the training regimen below, I also do a distance run 3-4 times per week ranging between 3-8 miles.

Day 1: Shoulders/Chest/Triceps

Day 2: Back/Biceps

Day 3: Legs

Day 4: Biceps/Triceps

Day 5: Shoulders

Day 6 & 7: Active Rest

Which nutrition plan works best for you?

Meal 1: Protein Shake
Meal 2
Meal 3
Meal 4
Meal 5
Meal 6: Protein Shake

Which supplements give you the greatest gains?

What are your future bodybuilding plans?

I'm hoping to compete in 2015. Being stationed overseas with unscheduled temporary-duty assignments makes it difficult to plan out for a show that is a couple of months out. But keep a look out for me in 2015!

In November, I competed in the Marianas Trench Throwdown—a CrossFit competition—and came in second place. I also recently started 365 days of fitness on my fitness page, providing my daily workouts to anyone wanting to follow me.

Who are your favorite bodybuilders?

There are so many inspirational bodybuilders. I can't have just one favorite!

The hard work and dedication of the bodybuilders to achieve their physique is commendable. I have always wanted a bikini body, but especially after seeing the package Nicole Nagrani brought to the Arnold in 2012. She is feminine but strong and has an amazing body. I was inspired by her that day and began my fitness journey.

I have also followed Jamie Eason for a long time. Her story is amazing and she is such a great role model to all women. Being stationed in Guam, I learned about Ashley Horner. Her love for fitness and her knowledge base is huge! It's admirable how she balanced work and home life as a single mother while keeping her incredible physique.

What tip would you give other bodybuilders in the military?

Never lose your love for the sport, and always strive to be better than you were yesterday. Things will always get in the way, especially with all the curveballs the military throws your way, but keep your goal in mind and fall in love with the process.

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