Build Massive Shoulders!

I feel that shoulder workouts can be a great deal of fun and they can be very productive for growth. I also understand that each person is different and that my workouts or plans may not work well for every person who reads this. Learn more below.

Many people feel that no matter how diligently they work their shoulders or intensely they never seem to grow or respond. Others also feel that training your shoulders is either boring or a waste of time or certain parts of your delts because they are worked as a secondary muscle enough.

However, I feel that shoulder workouts can be a great deal of fun and they can be very productive for growth. I also understand that each person is different and that my workouts or plans may not work well for each and every person who reads this. But as long as you are willing to experiment then what can you lose.

The Shoulder

As we know your shoulder has three sides to it the front, rear, and side. The question is which do you hit to get the broad shoulders or frame you have always wanted and what exercise to use. For me, my shoulders have always grown very well but for other people a little more effort may be required. Now I got my large shoulders and frame from working the front of my shoulders hard. I stayed mainly with one standard exercise, the military press.

As a compound movement it works excellent to add on size and I believe it can not be substituted for anything else. I did around 4-5 sets of military press for about 12 reps and my shoulders exploded. Then again this is me. You may respond to lower reps or something of that nature. Now as I did 12 reps, I could feel the burning sensation that some of us love. So be expecting pain just push through the barrier.

However, I have never had sore delts the day after my workout.

Now at this point you may be wondering what I did for the other area's of my shoulder. I would proceed to do 2 sets or lateral raises for 8-10 reps and for my rear dellt I would do lateral raises lying down. There can be alternates for these exercises such as the Arnold press, behind the neck press, (not recommended although I used it) bent over lateral raises, some say upright rowing or rowing with elbows in or front lateral raises.

Why Shoulders Matter?

Shoulders are very important on the road to building a perfect body. Not only when you hit a double back bicep pose do they look amazing but when just standing up they look great. Also in my opinion when you side delts grow in proportion to your biceps it makes your biceps and arms appear more defined and large.

When you pose your body should look perfect or as close to perfect as you want. So with that in mind you should not only see in a double back bicep pose your biceps, triceps, then skip and go right to your lats. No you need a nice bridge going throughout your body.

Performing Exercises

Military Press

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Pretty simple to explain this exercise. Use a barbell or two dumbbells and have your knuckles face the ceiling as you raise the barbell or dumbbells to your shoulders. Then with control raise the bar above you head until your arms are almost fully extended then lower it back down and repeat.

Lateral Raises

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Grab two dumbbells and hold them at your side with your knuckles facing the ground. Raise your arms to about shoulder height keeping them almost straight. Maybe go a little above your shoulders try a couple of variations.

Lying Lateral Raises

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Once again use two dumbbells and lay face down on your bench. Start with the dumbbells hanging then raise your arms, which should be close to straight, so they are about parallel to your shoulders.

Arnold Press

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Once again two dumbbells are required. Start at your shoulders once again like military. Hold them with knuckles facing upward; however, your palms should be facing you. As you push towards the ceiling twist your arms so your palms face away from you.

Behind The Neck Press

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Put a barbell over your head and lower it so it touches the back of your neck. Press it upwards like military then lower it down behind your neck. You could always try to make a combination of Military Press and Behind the Neck Press like in Rocky when he switches every rep. However, a word of caution with this exercise, some people believe it injures your rotator cuff so be careful if you even want to try it.

Bent-Over Lateral Raises

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Bend over like when you are rowing so you are parallel to the floor. Use two dumbbells and raise them in the same way as Lying Lateral Raises.

Upright Rows

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Preferably using a barbell hold it at your waste and raise it to about shoulder height or just below shoulder height. Your elbows should surpass your shoulders.

Bent-Over Rows (Elbows tucked in)

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Simply bend over parallel to the floor and pull the weight to your chest. However, tuck your elbows in instead of regular rowing.


Shoulders like every muscle have to be built. You might as well make the best out of every workout and enjoy it. Because if you do not enjoy your workouts or you are not working intensely then it is a waste of time. To have the perfect body you need every muscles developed and in proportion so shoulder workouts are a must. Although I enjoy working my shoulders I always hear people whining in the gym about how they had to work shoulders.

If you are going to cry about it just don't do it it's as simple as that. Because if you can't push yourself or if you can't take one workout it means you are not cut out and when other people who stick it out and work their hardest get the 1st prize you won't even be on stage. Every single person ahs great potential it's just up to them if they use it or not.