Legs Under Siege: Noah Siegel's Legs Workout

Leg day is the best day and Noah Siegel has two of them! Below you'll find a workout that fine-tunes your legs and another that smashes them. Embrace strength and aesthetics!

My leg-training goal is two-fold: I want my legs to look great, but I also want them to be as strong as they possibly can. I'm all about show and go, and this workout reflects that mentality.

I train my legs twice per week. The first workout, located at the bottom of the page, is my heavy day. Four days after my heavy leg day, I implement the assistance leg day covered in this video.

This day is designed specifically to hit my weak spots that I don't necessarily hit during my heavy leg training. Sometimes, it's difficult to hit specific muscles or muscle groups, so I use this workout to focus on what needs to improve.

I'm usually pretty rested as I go into this workout, but I still train a little bit lighter than I do during my heavy day.

Of course, "lighter" definitely doesn't mean light! Don't be afraid to put some weight on the bar and give this workout max energy.

Legs Under Siege
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The workout includes only five exercises, but we're going to move quickly through the session to keep our hearts pumping. Let's get to work!

Noah Siegel's Assistance Leg Day

Tips from "The Siege"

Front Squat

The most important thing I do before I put heavy weight on the bar, regardless of the exercise, is warm up. I prime my muscles and make sure everything is working properly. I like to sit at the bottom of the front squat and let everything stretch out during my warm-up sets.

Front Squat

As I progress through the working sets, I add weight and drop reps. Focus on going through a full range of motion—ass to grass! Keep your core tight and your back strong. Your shoulders can be protracted, but don't round your upper back.

Walking Lunge

I do a lot of lunges to hit the glute-hamstring tie-in and build my quad size and endurance. Make sure you push yourself to get the most out of this exercise. Your quads should burn and you should feel the load on your back, hamstrings, and glutes.

As you tire, sometimes it's really hard to keep your balance and form. So take it slow.

Glute-Ham Raise

Most gyms don't have a glute-ham machine, so I like to use the lat pull-down machine. Kneel on the pad facing away from the weight stack and grasp the bar behind your head. Fall forward, but control your weight and movement with your hamstrings. The more weight you use on the stack, the easier the movement will be.

Glute-Ham Raise

Do these slowly. It should be intense. Don't pull with the arms; use your hamstrings to move. If you don't feel your hamstrings burning after a few sets of these, I don't think anything would work!

Glute-Ham Bridge

This is one of those exercises that guys neglect because they think it's girly. Nothing could be further from the truth. This movement hits all the muscles that are good for your squat. You can do low reps with heavy, heavy weight.

Glute-Ham Bridge

You'll feel your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back working together to move the bar. Implement a slight pause at the top to really emphasize the contraction.

Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat

Split squats will hit your quads and your glute-ham tie-in. Keep the weight relatively light, but that doesn't mean you should go easy. Concentrate on that contraction and push off the quad.

Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat
Noah's Heavy Leg Day

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