Laura Bailey’s Shoulder-Sculpting Workouts

How can you make your waist look smaller without shrinking it? You can round your shoulders to create the same visual effect. Let Laura Bailey show you how!

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Ladies, I get asked all the time, "How do I get such nicely rounded delts?" Well, a pair of pink dumbbells won't do the trick. You have to work hard to get the definition and shape you're looking for; you have to lift heavy. Not to worry about putting on the type of mass that men do - it's not in our genetics.

Well-developed shoulders will make your whole body look more balanced and more feminine. If you want to rock a strapless dress or a new bikini, you've got to really shock your shoulders into growth! The following shoulder exercises are not only great for shoulder-building, but they're also fun. And why go to the gym if you're not having fun?

Workout Know-How

You'll notice that my shoulder workouts contain a large number of exercises. That's because I usually combine shoulders with back training and do the workouts twice a week, usually on Tuesdays and Fridays.

I pick about 6 exercises from the ones below and do the remaining exercises the next time I train shoulders. I use a variety of weight
so that I can focus on two different aspects of shoulder training.

My theory: if you want to focus on size and mass, use heaver weight. If you want to focus on technique, definition, and muscle separation, go lighter.

Before you begin trying these workouts,
make sure you take rest and warm-up
into consideration. Rest 90 seconds between exercises and warm up your shoulders at least 5 minutes with 5-to-10-pound weights before you start.

It's also really important to consider your form. I see a lot of people (especially guys) do front and side lateral raises with their heels coming off the floor and their backs swaying!

If this is you, listen up: You are using every muscle except your shoulders! That's probably why you aren't developing your shoulders to their full potential.

Sacrificing proper form also can lead to injury, which will slash any fitness goal.

For any standing shoulder exercise, your abs and core must be engaged to prevent you from swinging or using your back.

Create a mind-muscle connection with your shoulders; focus on the muscles being used.

If the exercises are done correctly, only your arm and shoulder will do the work. Choose enough weight to make the workout challenging, but don't make it so heavy that you can't reach the recommended sets with good form.

Shoulder Workout 1: Tuesday
Note: I prefer to sit as the weight gets heavier.
Note: All 3 exercises are done back to back to back: front, side, rear, and then rest.
Shoulder Workout 2: Friday
Note: You shouldn't rest besides the time it takes to set the pin at a lighter weight on the machine.
Note: As a personal preference I do not sit on the seat. It makes it too easy to roll my shoulders and cheat on my form.
Note: Stand right in front of the weight rack so you can quickly move up and back down!

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