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Gluten-Free Savory Whey Protein Crepes

Crepes are the fanciest pancakes of all. Even better, they're versatile and easy to use for meal prep. Here's how to serve up a stack of your very own.

When it comes to establishing a protein pancake hierarchy, crepes stack well toward the top. They're thin, light, and—well—just plain old fancy. Sure, pancake-house-style flapjacks have their place on breakfast tables, but crepes are meant to be savored. Protein crepes just take things to the next level. This recipe for savory protein crepes is fantastic and sings to everything—they're high in protein while being low in calories and carbs. They're also really simple to make, very versatile, and extremely tasty!

I actually like to make a big batch of these on Sunday and have them over the course of the week, using different fillings each time: Sometimes I use chicken curry, other times I go with a cheesy veggie mix, and other days I fill my crepes with a spicy fish mix for a fish-style taco. Pizza-crepe rolls are another great option! I just brush some tomato paste on the protein crepes, add cheese, veggies, and pepperoni, and stick them under the grill. Then, once the cheese melts, I roll them up—simple, quick, and delicious.

There are endless ways to enjoy these crepes. Just remember to play around with your fillings, and your seasonings, too. Rosemary and thyme are perfect for pizza crepes. Tarragon goes great with creamy chicken sauces, and you can use paprika and chili powder if you want to fill them with a fajita mix and guacamole. When served this way, they're sure to pack a perfect punch of spicy protein ka-POW!

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