Fitness 360: Brandan Fokken, Supplement Program

Supplements are only effective when they're paired with great nutrition and a solid training program. Learn how Brandan Fokken folds his supplement plan into a healthy program of whole foods and dumbbells!

Fitness 360: Brandan Fokken, Supplement Program
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We all know that supplements can't do the work for us, but they can certainly help. Brandan uses supplements to fill gaps in his nutrition and get that extra edge in the gym. Learn more about his supplement philosophy!

Brandan Fokken Fitness 360
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Brandan believes that supplements are meant to fill in dietary gaps. "About 80 percent of people out there aren't getting what they need out of their food. They're not eating the right food, aren't getting as much as they should, or aren't varying their diet enough," he says.

"Throughout the years, I've experimented with various supplements and have found what works for me. I take a lot of vitamins and minerals. I have my favorites like magnesium and vitamin D." They may not be fancy or exciting products, but Brandan thinks they're a great addition to his regimen.

Before he works out, Brandan takes N.O. products to get a good pump and increase vascularity. "I also take BCAAs toward the end of the workout so I can finish well."*

"I try not to take pre-workouts all the time because they can get your heart rate up so much, so I stop taking those periodically. I'll train for a couple of weeks without a caffeinated product," Brandan says.

Overall, Brandan believes supplements can do a lot for an athlete. "I think that supplementation will fill in any gaps in your diet and will give you confidence in the gym. With the right supplements, you can get a better workout, feel stronger, have more energy, and recover better."*

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