Code Of Arms: 9 Moves To Skyrocket Your Bi-And-Tri Growth

If your biceps and triceps are fine just the way they are, stick with your workout. For the rest of you, here is the launch sequence for skyrocketing your arm growth.

Code Of Arms

We have a saying at my gym, and it goes like this: "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got." In most cases, when it comes to arms, "what you've always got" are a pair of underdeveloped limbs that cower like sissies.

What you want are arms that literally tear at the seams to see the light of day. The arms workout below is the most effective one ever devised, combining several old standby movements with newer, more unconventional arm exercises.

If Arnold and Einstein collaborated on a workout, it might look like this. Designing such creative, brawn-and-brains workouts is what we do best here at Performance U in Baltimore, Maryland. We combine the old with the new to create can't-fail hybrid programs. To us, arm training IS rocket science.

You ready? Let's go step-by-step through a battle-tested workout that I've used with athletes and bodybuilders to pump up their arms otherworldly proportions.

The "Code of Arms" Workout

Prepare to leave the gym with a major swoll on. And in weeks, those pumps will have produced permanent growth. Descriptions, photos and videos for how to properly perform each exercise follow below:






Sample "Code of Arms" Weekly Splits

Here's how you can integrate the "Code of Arms" workout into your current 3, 4 or 5-day training split. Depending on how often you train, use any of the above training splits for 4-6 weeks to maximize gains in arm size and strength.

3-Day Split (with an arm emphasis)

  • Monday: Upper-Body Push (Chest/Triceps) and Pull (Back/Biceps)
  • Wednesday: Legs/Calves/Abs
  • Friday: Arms (use the "Code of Arms" workout above)
4-Day Split (with an arm emphasis)

  • Monday: Upper-Body Push (Chest/Triceps) and Pull (Back/Biceps)
  • Tuesday: Legs/Calves
  • Thursday: Arms (use the "Code of Arms" workout above)
  • Friday: Legs/Abs
5-Day Split (with an arm emphasis)

  • Monday: Upper-Body Push (Chest/Triceps)
  • Tuesday: Upper-Body Pull (Back/Biceps)
  • Wednesday: Legs/Calves
  • Friday: Arms (use the "Code of Arms" workout above)
  • Saturday: Legs/Abs

Execution Tips

Underhand-Grip Chinup ///

Okay, seriously--if you don't how to do these, you've never stepped foot inside a gym.

Many guys think of chin-ups as more of a back exercise. However, due to the hand positioning, underhand- and neutral-grip pullups are biceps-dominant movements. This has been validated by my friend Bret Contreras' EMG research.

When Bret investigated which biceps exercise had the most biceps muscle activation, the weighted wide parallel-grip pull-up, weighted chin-up and barbell curl had the highest "mean" EMG activity.

Furthermore, he found that the weighted chin-up, weighted wide parallel-grip pull-up, EZ-bar curl had the highest "peak" EMG activity.

Underhand-Grip Chinup

Close-Grip Push-Up (hands on med ball) ///

These are one of my personal favorite triceps blasters.

Close-Grip Push-Up

Reverse-Grip Triceps Extension (cable at belly button height) ///

Baltimore Personal Trainer: Coach Nick Tumminello shows you a new exercise for building your biceps peak and a arms workout tip for building big triceps.

Use an EZ curl or straight bar for this move.

See this video for how to perform this move along with how to perform the biceps cable curl (below):

Watch The Video - 03:24

Biceps Curl With Bar ///

As with the triceps extensions above, you can use an EZ Curl or straight bar for these.

Biceps Curl With Bar

Dumbbell Skull Crusher ///

Keep your elbows fairly close together. Control the eccentric by lowering the weight slowly toward the floor, just above your head.

Dumbbell Skull Crusher

Dumbbell Biceps Curl ///

C'mon man, do you really need me to explain how to do standing dumbbell biceps curls?

Dumbbell Biceps Curl

60/30 Triceps Protocol With Band ///

Coach Nick Tumminello shows you how to get a killer Triceps workout with the 30/60 Triceps extension circuit workout. This circuit will get you bigger Triceps quickly!

Watch The Video - 01:36

60/30 Biceps protocol w/ Band ///

Coach Nick Tumminello shows you how to get a killer Bicep workout with the 30/60 biceps curl circuit. This circuit will get you bigger biceps quickly!

Watch The Video - 02:59

Wrist Roller ///
Wrist Roller

Most of us have either made our own wrist roller or bought one back in the day. Either way, most dudes never use it.

That's too damn bad because the wrist roller is great for building huge ass biceps and forearms and sick grip strength.

BONUS! ///

Let's say you're short on time, or stuck in a hotel room and can't get to the gym. No worries! Here's what you can do to build huge arms in less time than it takes to shave!

Coach Nick's 1-Minute Arm Solution

Perform the 60/30 triceps extensions. Then immediately superset by performing the 60/30 biceps curls. Rest 1-2 minutes between complete supersets. Repeat for 3-5 sets.

Of course, you'll need a band for this one.

Ready For Launch

I've now handed over the codes for building bigger, stronger and impressive-looking arms. You've got the workout, the training split and the exercises. Time for liftoff!