Some call Antoine Vaillant the future of bodybuilding, and for good reason. He's only 26, but this IFBB pro makes waves everywhere he goes. He's got the body, the drive, and the youth to shine brightly on big stages. He also happens to have a big set of wheels to carry him onto those stages. It seems we can expect great things from this Canadian native.

But enough with the bio, right? You want to know how Vaillant trains! We've got the insane regimen Vaillant uses to build his incredible lower body.

In the video you're about to see, Vaillant has just returned from a long day of air travel, but that doesn't stop him from busting out a great workout. As Vaillant himself says, "Whenever I land, it's leg day."

Here's the workout. Try not to puke.

Wicked Wheels Workout
Lying Leg Curls
2 warm-up sets of 10-15 reps; 3 working sets of 10-12 reps, last set is a dropset with 15-20 partial reps at the end
6 sets, 10-20 reps
+ 7 more exercises


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Pro Workout Tips

Antoine Vaillant starts with hamstrings because for him, like many people, they're one of his main weak points. Follow in his footsteps. By starting with hamstrings, you can hit them with maximum energy. If you wait to train hammies until the end of your workout, you might not have enough gas to attack with maximum effort.

If you're worried that training your hamstrings will impede your quad work, you've got nothing to fear. Antoine says that it will actually help. With your hamstrings already activated, you'll be ready for squats and other compound leg lifts.

During the leg press, Antoine places his feet as wide as they can go and brings the weight as low as he can. "You can put up a lot of weight on leg press if you keep your feet close and do half reps," he says. "But I went up to 10 plates on each side—that's 900 pounds—with a wide stance. Try that. It's great for the glute-ham tie-in."

Like a deep leg press, Antoine loves the box squat because it's difficult. Stopping on the box at the bottom of the lift is like doing a dead-stop deadlift. If the weight is stopped cold, it's much harder to move it again.

Antoine suggests you keep everything tight and explode out of the hole. "Since I've been doing box squats, my normal squats have gone up," he says.

Before he finishes off his lower-body session with an all-out calves assault, Antoine likes to hammer his quads with a high-rep set of box squats. "High-rep squats are really hard," he confesses. "Powerlifters do 800 pounds once, and yeah, that's pretty hard, but it's less painful than 30 reps with medium weight." Load up the bar and see what you can do.

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