Internet promises for big arms are a dime a dozen: "Click Here for the Secret to Big Arms." "Add Inches to Your Guns in Just Weeks." There's so much hyperbole out there that the only thing being supersized these days are the overinflated promises that were once the domain of muscle magazine covers.

Besides genetics, is there a single factor standing between you and the best arms you can possibly attain? Sure there is. But it's really not a secret—it's you.

Think about it. Ever tried a routine that really rocked? Ever worked out with a partner who helped take you to a whole new level? Ever tried a training technique, and were wowed by the effort? You are the common element in all of those instances: you, and what your brain brings to the gym each day.

The motivation you bring to the gym each day, and the effort and discipline you generate, are all critical to your success. Top that off with a thirst for knowledge to keep learning and trying new ideas, and you hold in your hand the secret to your success.

We're all students seeking to learn more—even me. The fact that you're reading this now is proof that you're looking to try something different. I'm ready to show you a technique I've had great success with. It's a finisher on triceps day, and I guarantee it'll blow up your arms in ways you never thought possible.

Giant Set For Giant Arms

This Titan Triceps set will push you to your limits and give you one of the best pumps you've ever had. It consists of four movements done back-to-back with no rest in between. Do it at the end of your triceps routine as the last exercise, for three sets.

Warning: This giant set is unlike anything you've done before, so be ready!

Titan Triceps Workout
Giant Set
4 Rounds
Cable overhead triceps extension
Leaning stance, use reverse grip.
1 set, 12 reps
+ 1 more exercises


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First, attach two separate handles to the same upper cable hook. Opt for handles with the flexible straps if possible, because you're going to be moving your hands in relation to each other over the course of the rep. Choose a weight you can do for about 12—and only 12—reps, and adjust accordingly to ensure you're going neither too light nor too heavy over the course of the giant set.

You'll start off doing leaning overhead cable extensions with a reverse grip. Use a split stance and lean away from the cable, holding your upper arms just short of being beside your head. Your hands should face you as you do these. With this hand and arm position, you're focusing on both the long and medial triceps heads. Do 12 reps, making sure to hold the contraction for half a second and really squeeze.

The Titan Triceps Set


Leaning Overhead Cable Extension

Immediately after you finish those, simply rotate your arms so that you're doing normal-grip (pronated) overhead triceps extensions for 12 reps. This very slight variation still targets the long head, but also shifts a bit of the emphasis away from the medial head and onto the lateral head.

The Titan Triceps Set


Overhead Triceps Extension

Next, lower your arms and switch to reverse-grip triceps press-downs, standing 3-4 feet away from the rack (to keep tension on your triceps). With your arms by your sides, the long head is now far less stimulated, and the medial head again is called into play with the reverse grip.

The Titan Triceps Set


Reverse-Grip Triceps Pushdown

Finally, after you complete 12 of those, rotate your grip once again so that you're doing a normal grip (pronated, or overhand) triceps press-down for a set of 12. So long as you keep your elbows tight to your sides as you do the reps, the overhand grip best emphasizes the lateral triceps head.

The Titan Triceps Set


Kyes To Doing it Right

Tri Tip

With single-joint movements like press-downs—whether with your arms overhead or by your sides—always try to lock your elbows in place beside your body. Extend at the joints so that the only movement taking place is at your elbows. If there's any movement occurring at the shoulder, you're reducing the effectiveness of the exercise.

  • Make sure to choose a starting weight you can maintain for 12 reps with good form. If you stop at 12, but could have done more, that's not a true set of 12.

  • It's fine to reduce the weight if you can't complete one of the exercises; just drop the weight a plate or two and continue until you're finished. You want to do 12 reps of 4 different exercises.

  • After you complete a single Titan Set, rest for only 45-60 seconds, then repeat until you complete 3 more sets. Your arms will be highly pumped and you'll want to rest longer, but don't. You're aiming to super-pump the muscle, expand the muscle fascia, and really make it burn.

  • This Titan Set is not meant to replace your normal triceps day. Do your normal weighted movements in the muscle-building rep range, but add this as a finisher to your regular triceps routine.

Bring this experimental attitude with you to the gym more often, and you'll never be more than an idea or technique away from your best arm workout ever. Share your results with us in the comment section below!

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