Your day is full of commitments and you hardly have any time to train. And just when you thought your day couldn't get any worse…you realize it's leg day.

Fear not, lifter of iron. This workout will make the most out of the time you have and bring heat to those quads in 30 minutes—guaranteed!

The Perfect Half-Hour Quad Workout
Barbell Squat
1 set, 10 reps (60 sec. rest)
1 set, 8 reps (60 sec. rest)
1 set, 5 reps (90 sec. rest)
1 set, 5 reps (90 sec. rest)
1 set, 5 reps (90 sec. rest)
+ 3 more exercises


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Squats are the undisputed King of the Quad Burn. Of course we're using this exercise to get the party started! Even though this workout is short, you're still going heavy. Warm up with two sets, first 10 reps then 8 reps, with a minute of rest between. After that, increase the weight and finish with 3 sets of 5 heavy reps.

If you're short on time, don't play around and chit chat—focus on the task at hand and get it done. You only get 90 seconds to rest between sets. If you wear knee sleeves, make sure you keep them on so you can save time. If you wear wraps, definitely keep them on until you're done here. Remember, the clock is ticking.

Superset: Leg Press & Goblet Squat

Supersets make perfect sense for a quick workout—double the volume in half the time, right? Load up the leg press with a weight you can sustain for at least 12 reps but not more than 15. Choose a dumbbell weight you feel you can work with for the same number of reps. Leg presses come first, immediately followed by the goblet squats.

This is a superset, so you get no rest between the exercises and a minute of rest between each superset. Three rounds will serve you well here. I know you're in a hurry, but don't forget to focus on the negatives, making each rep count. Remember—you need the workout to be productive as well as fast.

Single Leg Extension

The Perfect Half-Hour Quad Workout

This is the grand finale, so give it all you've got. Choose a weight you can sustain for around 10 reps with one leg—and make sure you start with your weaker leg. You're going to do a serious rest-pause set. Perform 10 reps with that leg, immediately followed by 10 with the other. When you finish, rest 10 seconds, go back to the first leg, and do 9 reps. Follow this with 9 reps for the other leg. Rest 9 seconds.

Already guessed the pattern? You're going to go backward from 10 reps to 1 rep, resting for the same number of seconds as the reps you just completed. With the few minutes you have left, give those quads a nice stretch—because you're done!

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