When you're training to carve killer shoulders, it's important to attack them from all angles. Today's workout is a combination of moves that hit all heads of your deltoids—the front, middle, and back. By using trisets and sticking to a 1:3 tempo, you're sure to feel the burn and build some desirable size!

I structured today's workout in the hypertrophy rep range to make sure you're getting in enough reps and using enough weight to really make those shoulders grow. In addition to lifting, I'll also guide you through some bodyweight movements so that you're keeping your heart rate elevated throughout the entire workout.

Samantha Leete's Shoulder-Sculpting Workout

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Today's workout has nine exercises, and they're all grouped as trisets. Each triset is composed of three exercises that you'll perform back-to-back. That means you'll ideally complete all three exercises with no rest in between. Of course, if you have to take a swig of water or catch your breath between movements, that's OK.

After you push through all three exercises, you'll rest for 30-45 seconds before repeating that triset three more times (you can modify to two additional rounds if needed). For this workout, you're going to be using a 1:3 tempo. You'll spend one second on the concentric—or positive—portion of the lift, and slow things down to a three-second count for the eccentric—or negative—portion. This method recruits different types of muscle fibers to ensure you're getting the best possible workout.

If you feel your shoulders are lagging, incorporate this workout into your routine twice a week. Otherwise, add it in once a week in place of your current workout for noticeable gains!

Samantha Leete's Shoulder-Sculpting Workout
Note: Rest 30-35 seconds between trisets.
3-4 sets
Reverse Machine Flyes
4 sets, 8-12 reps
+ 3 more exercises


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E-Leete Exercise Notes

Machine Rear-Delt Fly

Select a weight that will cause you to fail in the 8- to 12-rep range while allowing you to maintain a 1:3 tempo the entire time. It's OK to go lighter than usual if needed; I guarantee you'll still get a great workout. As you do this movement, focus on maintaining a tight back. Keep your elbows up and keep your hands at the same level as your shoulders. This will ensure that you're keeping the weight in your rear delts and not letting it transfer to your traps.

Upright Row

Place your hands shoulder-width apart. As you bring the bar up, keep it close to your body. Make sure to drive your elbows through at the end. Stay mindful of the tempo, and take those three seconds on the way down to really target your mid-delt.

Upright Row

Upright Row

Handstand Push-up

With your hands a little wider than shoulder-width apart, kick up to a wall. Bend your arms down and complete the vertical push-up. To do an assisted handstand push-up, place your feet on a box with your hands as close to the box as possible. Bend your elbows as low as you can go or until your head touches the floor.


Set a cable machine with a rope attachment to elbow height. Keeping your elbows high, pull toward your face so that the focus stays on your rear delts. Hold the rep for a brief second before returning to the start of each pull.

Lateral raise

Start with the dumbbells by your side. Bring them up to shoulder height, squeeze for a second, and then take three seconds on the way down to target your middle delts.

Walking plank

Get ready to move up and down! Start in a plank position, palms on the floor, keeping your butt down and core tight so that you don't rock from side to side. Pay attention to your foot placement. The wider apart your feet are, the easier the movement; the closer together your feet are, the harder the movement. Move from your palm to elbow one hand at a time, and then go back up.

Walking Plank

Walking plank

Shoulder press

Angle your wrist in a little bit, almost like you're dumping a cup of water onto your shoulders. Press up, stopping before you're locked out, and then bring the weights back down. Doing this ensure that you don't get a rest at the top and that you're keeping your tension in your shoulders for the entire movement.

Front raise

Start with the dumbbells in front of your legs. Then, raise the dumbbells so they're parallel with the floor, maintaining a slight bend in your elbows. You can raise both arms together, or perform a unilateral movement and lift with one arm at a time.

Shoulder tap

Start in plank position, moving your feet wider apart to make things easier or closer together for an added challenge. Make sure your butt stays down and your core stays tight so that you're not rocking side to side as you do the movement. Once in the plank position, lift one hand and touch the opposite shoulder. Repeat on the other side.

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