I feel ya, folks. You keep telling yourself that you have to get on it: get some muscle, stand tall, maybe trim an inch or two (or five) off your waist. But it's all overwhelming. You see images of those totally cut specimens and think, "There's no way I can ever look like that." And you're probably right. Those people sweat bullets to build and maintain their otherworldly physiques.

So, what can you do? You can take one step forward with Jamie.

Jamie Eason's LiveFit 12-Week Trainer is one of the most popular programs on Bodybuilding.com's BodyFit Elite—and one of our most popular apps. It's also the program I've been following for the last 12 weeks.

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LiveFit starts you off slowly with workouts that aren't going to have you crying for your mama—at least, not at first. By the time you utter your first call for help, you won't be ashamed of a few tears.

But, as any of the millions of LiveFit vets will tell you, the workouts are just the start. The trainer provides a combination of daily workouts, links to expert video instructions, great recipes, approved food lists, healthy shopping tips, and a supplement guide. With all these tools, it's the perfect plan for people—especially beginners—who want a crash course in getting serious about the gym.

My life, only fitter

I'm not making all this up. I'm just about to start the final week of the trainer, and I'm amazed at how far I've come. I've always been in pretty good shape and live an active life, but I've never lifted consistently before.

I think I've done a good job of following the exercise part of the trainer, but haven't done the best job of following the diet—I like my beer, cheese, and bread too much! Even with occasional treats and lapses, I've gained a lot of muscle and lost some body fat. Much more than that, I've learned how to make strength training a normal part of my life, and that makes me feel better, stronger, more physically capable.

My life, only fitter

The trainer has three phases. The first two are pretty manageable. For the first two weeks, you get three rest days, then two rest days for the next two weeks. For the next two months, it's one rest day a week—so yes, you are hitting it hard! But there's something pleasurable about suddenly spending so much time in the gym. You start to feel like maybe you belong there.

The splits change over time, but it will always challenge you. By the time you get to the end, you'll have done more lifting than you ever thought possible, and even if you slack off on the diet—as long as it's only a little bit—you'll still see impressive gains.

And here's another unexpected benefit: Being able to hang with what ends up being a pretty tough training plan for nearly three months will make you feel like you're ready for anything!

Day 4: Shoulders, Abs
Use light weight and stop each set short of failure.
Seated dumbbell shoulder press
2 sets, 12 reps (rest 1 min. )
+ 7 more exercises


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