Many years ago, I heard bodybuilding legend Shawn Ray say that you have to be able to cross a certain barrier of pain to reach championship status. I didn't truly know what he meant until I did the leg workout I'm about to share with you. After conquering that workout, I knew I'd be able to handle any challenge thrown at me.

Don't get me wrong: I wanted to quit. I was drenched with sweat, my body was numb, my lower back was tapping out, and my head was pounding. That horrible little monster of doubt crept into my thoughts and cried: "Stop!" But I looked into the mirror and told myself that I would not give up, no matter what. And you know what? I didn't. I kept going.

On that day, I turned a corner.

I'm not gonna lie, this might be one of the most difficult leg workouts you'll do. It's not meant to be done on a weekly or even a bi-weekly training schedule, but if you throw it in every few months or so, it will shock your body, and your muscles will have to respond by getting bigger and stronger. This workout will also tap your mental strength. If you're able to finish, you'll be better equipped and hungrier to reach your other goals.

This leg workout will help you cross that barrier and achieve a new level of greatness. Stay focused, be disciplined, and watch the results happen.

Fred's KIller Quad Workout
Barbell front squat
"Biggie" Tip: When squatting, I always go wide with my stance and keep the bar low on my traps. This allows me to create more power so I can lift heavier loads. At 60% 1RM
7 sets, 7 reps
+ 6 more exercises


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