Abel Albonetti knows you've been eyeballing his abs. Heck, we all have. How can you not? And yes, he fields questions about them constantly—what moves, how often, and how he dials in his diet to stay shredded year-round. You know, all the dirty details.

In response, he's created a workout and program on Bodybuilding.com BodyFit Elite that distills all the knowledge he's earned the hard way over 12-plus years of hard lifting: 30-Day Abs.

No, this program won't be enough for everyone, everywhere to see their abs in 30 days. But if you're already lean and muscular, sure, it could be just what you need to push you over the edge. And if you're not quite there, well, it's designed to be run back to back for eight weeks or more, giving you time to let all of Albonetti's nutritional and training wisdom gain momentum and do its work.

Want to feel that good, deep hurt? Then try this video workout from Week 3 of 30-Day Abs with Abel Albonetti. Pair this workout with your arm or back day, or use it after a leg day to let your lower body recover.

You don't need much equipment to perform this routine, or any of the workouts in 30-Day Abs. A decently equipped gym will be more than enough. Now, here are the workout details, as well as form cues for each of the moves.

Day 20: Ab Supersets
Perform the exercises in order with no rest between exercises and 90 sec. of rest between sets.
Hanging Oblique Crunch
Perform as a chin-up oblique crunch. See video for details.
4 sets, 12 reps (alternating, 6 reps per side, no rest)
+ 2 more exercises


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Technique Keys

Gorilla Chin-up Oblique Crunch

Gorilla Chin-up Oblique Crunch

Perform a chin-up on neutral-grip pull-up bars, and then pull your knees up to the bar. To focus in on the obliques, pull one knee toward the opposite side hand, alternating reps. Make sure you alternate sides as you go so you're not working one side when your arms are fresh and letting the other side suffer because your grip is starting to fail.

Knee Raise on Parallel Bars

Knee Raise On Parallel Bars

To minimize rest time between exercises, use a pull-up/dip station and go right into your leg raises after you finish the gorilla chin-up crunches. The straighter your legs are for the leg raises, the more challenging the exercise will be. For an even tougher workout, add ankle weights to increase the resistance.

Suspended Oblique Crunch

Suspended Oblique Crunch

Use whatever tools you have at your disposal here. A TRX or other suspension system is perfect, but you can also use rings if that's all you have available. Alternately, you can modify the exercise by putting your feet on an exercise ball for a similar training effect.

Side Plank Raise on Exercise Ball

Side Plank Raise on Exercise Ball

If you just used a ball for the oblique crunch, get ready to use it again. This is exactly the same as a bench side plank raise, only with the added stability challenge of using a ball. If it's too difficult to stabilize yourself on the ball, just use a bench instead.

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