What does a set of tight, toned, and sleek arms say about you? It says that you're a fitness badass who's prepared to hit the weights or rock a sexy tank top! Whether your goal is to enter a physique competition or just tone up, building awesome arms should be on your "to do" list.

"But Jen," you might be thinking, "what if I don't want my guns to rival those of a world-champion arm wrestler?" Don't worry, weight training isn't going to make you massive. Women don't produce enough natural testosterone to get huge. But I will say that you won't get rid of that under-arm jiggle by pedaling away on a bike or pushing the handles on the elliptical.

To develop tight, sculpted arms, you've got to pick up those weights and get to work!

JJ's Arm Training Advice 

  • For my arm workouts, I include a combination of exercises that hit my muscles from various angles. I use dumbbells, barbells, cables, machines—you name it. The point is to stimulate as many muscle fibers as I can to allow for maximum development. Lately, I've been including supersets to make my arm workouts fun, fast-paced, and efficient. I also "remix" my sets and rep ranges so I don't become bored or hit a plateau.

  • Remember, you train your arms any time you do compound chest and back movements. (It's impossible to bench press without using your triceps, for example.) Even if you don't dedicate an entire day to arm training, a proper training regimen should still promote biceps and triceps development.

  • Make sure that you're challenged through the entire duration of the workout. Yeah, that might seem obvious, but I've had many female clients throw down their weights after they feel that "pump." Go beyond what's normally challenging.

  • If you stick with a solid arm workout regimen, results will come fairly quickly. When I gear up my training for a photo shoot or a competition, I make noticeable progress within the first couple of weeks. With hard work, you'll do the same!

Leave the hot pink weights for Barbie and head into the weight room with confidence. Soon, your friends will be begging for your workout secrets!

Jen Jewell's Bare Arm Workout

The point of this workout is to get hard work done quickly. Rest 30-60 seconds between each set, as well as between each round of supersets.

Jen Jewell's Bare Arm Workout
Superset 1
3-4 sets
EZ-bar skullcrusher-
4 sets, 12-15 reps
+ 3 more exercises


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Bonus Boxing Burnout

If your arms aren't completely toast by the end of the superset frenzy above, finish them off with this bonus circuit: Heck, even if they are toast, try a round or two of this anyway.

Dumbbell Shadow Boxing

  • 2-3 rounds, 60 sec each
  • 30-60 seconds rest between rounds
  • Hold 5-pound dumbbells and punch (alternate between jabs and uppercuts). If you want, do 30 seconds of jabs followed by 30 seconds of uppercuts. Engage your abs—they'll get a workout, too!

Plank Punches

  • 2-3 rounds, 30 seconds each
  • 30-60 seconds rest between rounds
  • Begin in a standard plank position, holding onto dumbbells. While in the plank position, punch one arm up and forward then return to the starting position. After, punch forward with the opposite arm. Keep your abs tight and alternate arms for 30 seconds.

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