About Nicole:

I was a gymnast for about 13 years and had always been interested in health and fitness. When I was a senior in high school, I competed at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic in gymnastics and went to watch the fitness finals that evening. I fell in love with the sport and told myself that I would compete one day, too.

I won the IFBB pro card in both Figure and Fitness in 2007 at the same contest! I also have a BA in Wellness, Health Promotion and Injury Prevention from Oakland University and I am the owner of NW Fitness Group Online personal training.

Contest History:

  • 2011 Tournament of Champions Pro Figure Champion
  • 2011 Sheru Classic Pro Figure Champion
  • 2011 Olympia Pro Figure Champion
  • 2011 IFBB Pro Figure International Champion
  • 2011 IFBB St. Louis Pro Figure Champion
  • 2010 IFBB Olympia 2nd
  • 2010 IFBB Arnold Classic, Ms. International, Fitness International & Figure International 1st
  • 2009 IFBB Olympia 1st
  • 2009 IFBB NewYork Pro Figure 1st
  • 2009 IFBB Europa Show of Champions 1st
  • 2009 IFBB NewYork Pro Fitness 4th
  • 2009 IFBB Arnold Classic 8th
  • 2008 IFBB Olympia 9th
  • 2008 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure 2nd
  • 2008 IFBB NewYork Pro Fitness 3rd
  • 2008 IFBB Arnold Classic Bodybuilding, Fitness And Figure Contest 11th
  • 2007 NPC Team Universe Bodybuilding, FitnessAnd Figure Championships 1st
  • 2007 NPC Junior Nationals Bodybuilding,Fitness And Figure Contest 2nd

Nicole Wilkins Glute Exercises

1. Bench Step-Ups With Dumbbells

Stand next to a flat bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Step up onto the bench with one foot and then bring up the other foot so that you end up standing on the bench with both feet. From there, carefully step backward off of the bench with the same foot you started with.

Repeat the movement with the opposite foot first and alternate for however many reps constitute your set. Don't race, don't "chase" the reps. Take your time and do them right. One bad step (-up) and you can easily turn your ankle!

2. Reverse Diagonal Lunge

Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and place a barbell across the back of shoulders. Begin by reaching one of your feet back behind you like you are taking the first step if you were walking backward. Really reach back with this stride to get a good stretch.

Bring that leg back to the start position and repeat the same movement with your opposite leg. Keep your back firmly upright and straight throughout this exercise. Also, get those calves and hams well warmed up before beginning; no need for that initial stretch to result in injury.

3. Lateral Lunges

Begin in a standing position with dumbbells hanging at your side. Step to the right with your right foot, keeping your toes forward and your feet flat. Squat through your right hip; at the same time, keep your left leg straight. Squat as low as possible.

Hold this position for 2 seconds. Push back to the starting position and repeat to the opposite side. Be sure to keep your knee on your "working" side, behind your toes. Also, keep your opposite leg straight, the back flat, and the chest up. Don't bounce at any point of the lunge.

4. Hyperextensions

Although normally thought of as a lower-back movement, hypers hit the glutes hard. Lie face down on the hyperextension machine. Place your hips and upper thighs on the flat pad and both lower legs under the circular pads. Straighten your body so that your upper body is hanging over the flat pad.

Place your hands behind your head or across your chest. Either way constitutes a proper starting position. Bend forward at the waist until your body is at about a 90-degree angle. Keep those hamstrings and glutes flexed and tight as you return to the start position.

Nicole Wilkins Glute Workout
Barbell step-up
6 sets, 15 reps (alternating legs)
+ 4 more exercises


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