You don't need a dozen different exercises to build your biceps—you can make your arms grow and improve with just three correctly performed moves. Don't believe me? Cool. Try this biceps workout for a couple of months and the results will speak for themselves.

Complete Biceps Workout
45 seconds between sets
Preacher Curl
Perform these with a wide grip.
3 sets, 12 reps
+ 3 more exercises


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Technique Tips

Wide-Grip Preacher Curl

This exercise has three advantages. First, it's on a preacher bench, which means you can isolate the biceps and are less likely to cheat using momentum as you approach failure. Your biceps work on their own from start to finish.

Wide-grip preacher curl

Second, you're using either a barbell or EZ-curl bar. This makes your biceps work harder, leading to greater arm growth. Third, the wider grip targets the inner head of the biceps a little more. When you flex, that extra size on the inner head will make your biceps peak look bigger and more impressive.

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Dumbbell Incline Hammer Curl

Your arms got to work together on the first exercise. For the second exercise, they still work together, but each has to lift the dumbbell on its own. Just like with the preacher curls, incline curls don't allow you to cheat, which means your biceps do more work and produce greater results.

Dumbbell incline hammer curl

Doing these curls hammer style will blast the brachialis as well as the forearms. You might find that you can do a little more weight with a hammer grip than if your arms were in the standard supinated or underhand grip. Even though you may feel stronger, don't try to sling up the biggest dumbbells in the gym. Make your biceps work, and your efforts will be rewarded.

To work your biceps to their max potential, do one side at a time, but with a twist. Curl one arm and hold the weight up in the curled position (an isometric hold) as you perform the reps with the other. Once you finish that side, switch sides so you're holding the other arm up as you perform all the reps with the first arm. This technique will give you a massive pump and almost guaranteed biceps growth.

Concentration Curl

As soon as you read this exercise name, the first image to come to mind was likely Arnold Schwarzenegger doing them in Pumping Iron. There was a reason he liked doing this exercise: It worked. Your biceps peak may never look like Arnold's, but this exercise can help you maximize the upper-arm potential you do have.

Concentration curl

Do these either standing or sitting, but don't worry about the weight you're lifting. That can put you at risk for injury—and arms won't grow much during rehab.

When curling the weight, turn your hand so your pinky ends up facing toward the ceiling. Supinate that wrist so you can get that ultimate contraction in your biceps peak. Slowly lower the weight, stopping just short of straightening your arm. Doing this keeps tension on the muscle from start to finish. Keep your wrist straight or even bend it back slightly to minimize your forearm involvement.

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