Training The Upper Legs!

Fully developing the legs is perhaps one of the most difficult and most seldom accomplished feats among bodybuilders. Learn why and how to get huge Mike Platz legs!

Fully developing the legs is perhaps one of the most difficult and most seldom accomplished feats among bodybuilders. This group is often referred to as being limited by "genetics". Actually, that is true. Genetically, if your brain does not have the capacity to problem-solve nor the ability to push beyond the pain threshold then you are "genetically" limited. However, for those of us who do not accept common folklore as truth, you might be interested in reading a bit about how to develop your legs to match your 50-inch chest.

This article includes the upper leg only. I have not described training or anatomy of the calf area. Maybe next time!

The Anatomy Of The Legs

The legs are composed of numerous muscles including the quadriceps (rectus femoris, rectus medialis, rectus lateralis, and rectus intermedialis). These muscles extend the knee and (rectus femoris only) help to flex the hip.

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The legs also are made up of the hamstring muscles (biceps femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus). These muscles help to flex the knee joint. Also included in the leg group are the adductor muscles, the abductor muscles, the glutes, gracillus, and sartorius.

Training The Legs

For me personally, training legs is very difficult not because of the amount of weight you must use, the pain in the muscles after and during a workout, or because of the time spent in the gym. They are difficult because there are so many ways you can train them according to if you are trying to gain mass, strength, definition, or separation.

First, let me go through a few terms that I use in my training program.

    Super Sets: Similar to circuit training in that you are stacking two or more exercises back-to-back without a break. Super sets are great for really bringing out detail in the legs. An example of this would be doing lunges x 15, hack squats x 15, and extensions x 15.

    Drop Sets: Consecutive sets on one exercise using decreasing amounts of weight without rest between sets. For example, I would do leg extensions as follows: 230x10, 190x10, 150x10. That is one set.

Workout 1

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* (Ascending weight => decreasing reps)

Workout 2

    Leg Extensions (warm-up only): 3x15
    Leg Press: 12, 10, 8, 6 - View Exercise
    Single Leg Extensions: 12, 10, 8, 6
    Sissy Squats: 3 x 12
    Single Leg Curls: 12, 10, 8, 6
    Stiff-legged Dead Lifts: 12, 10, 8

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Workout 3

    Leg Extensions (Drop Sets): 10=>10=>10 x 3 sets
    Super Set (Squats w/ Sissy Squats w/ Lunges): 10=>15=>1 minute x 3 sets
    Double Leg Curls: 12, 10, 8, 6
    Dumbbell Leg Curls: 12, 10, 8, 6
    Stiff-legged Dead Lifts: 12, 10, 8

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Workout 4

    Double Leg Curls (Drop Sets): 8=>8=>8 x 4 sets
    Stiff-legged Dead Lifts: 4 sets x 8 reps
    Single Leg Extensions: 4 sets x 8 reps
    Smith Squats: 4 sets x 8 reps
    Hack Squats: 4 sets x 8 reps

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As you can see, there is almost an unlimited variation in the way that you can train your legs. The first 3 workouts I described are more of a contest-season type workout because you are doing supersets and drop sets almost every workout. Also, there are a higher number of repetitions. The final workout I described is more what I do in the off-season for mass. Each set I increase the weight and try to get the same number of repetitions, which is not always very easy. You will need to start with a little lighter weight on the first set. Also, you can do a range of 6-8 reps just in case you fatigue on the last set.

There are numerous other exercises and equipment you can use. This just happens to be what I have available at the "gym" I workout at. If you have all the nice hammer strength equipment feel free to try it out.

Hopefully, this article will help to get you on the right track to building your legs up. This is by no means "the way" to do it, but simply a direction to take. Every body responds differently to varying weight, repetitions, and rest periods. I have to play with every factor when getting my body ready for a show or when trying to put on size during the off-season.


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Thanks Jon I like this legs workouts! I think my upper body is bigger than my lower-body and that's what I need to do, super sets, and drop sets to get bigger my lower body because my legs are hard and shape but my muscles like quadriceps and hamstring aren't big enough
What are you think about it? Can you let me know some tips how to grow my adductor muscles!...

Mar 8, 2013 1:25am | report
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