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The Ultimate 6 Day Split Routine - Days 1-3!

This article will outline in detail the specific training routine I follow. I will go over the exercises performed each day, sets, reps and additional intensity tips for each body group. In this part one I will be covering hamstrings, chest and back.

In my previous articles and Q&A's, I have touched lightly upon my 6-day split training routine. In addition to my " Getting Ready For A Photo Shoot" article, this will outline in more detail the specific training and structure of my week. I have received many emails wanting to know the exact routine followed. I will go over the exercises preformed each day, sets, reps, and additional intensity tips for each body group. Instead of referring the days by Mon., Tues., etc. I am going to refer to them as day 1, day 2 and so on. This will allow you to fit this into your week the way you want to.

Day 1 - Hamstrings And Deadlifts

Well, after my Sunday carbohydrate load, I am ready to tackle some heavy deadlifting and hamstring training. I prefer to separate quads and hamstrings due to time, and the fact that I just do not have the energy and intensity to fully hit them both adequately in one workout. From competing in bodybuilding, I was quick to learn that an area you can blow by your competition is when you turn around. So I made sure I paid special attention to the hamstrings and low back area. If it is close between first and second place, every little bit of development counts. One of the routines goes as followed:

  • Hamstring Curls: (warm-up -first), then 2-3 sets , 6 reps
  • Deadlifts off a platform: 3 main sets, 4-6 reps. This is where you are on a box or platform where it does not allow you to bounce or touch the weight on the ground. This will give you constant tension during the entire execution of the set.
  • One-legged Hamstring Curls: 1 set to total failure in the 6-10 rep range. Make sure you really contract hard at the top of each rep and bring it down very controlled and smooth. Picture shown with two legs, sorry.
  • Stiff-legged Deadlifts: 2 sets 6-8 reps. Preformed the same way as the dead lifts off the platform above, except legs are not bending and are more fixed, really concentrating on a good stretch.

Click here for a printable log of Day 1!

Intensity Tips:

These are little tips I do once in a while to break the boredom of training. I would not do these every workout, but I will go on how I feel and according to what type of workout I am having.

  • Lying Leg Curls: Start with your heaviest weight for 6 reps, then drop it 20 pounds and take it to failure. Drop it another 20 pounds, etc. until you only have 20 pounds on the stack. Take the entire set to failure. One set should be sufficient, but if you feel you've got more in you, then go hit another set.

  • Leg Curls Super-set with Stiff Legged Deadlifts: To boost intensity and to save time, super-set the two exercises.

Day 2 - Chest

Day 2 is dedicated to chest. A sample routine is as follows:

Click here for a printable log of Day 2!

Intensity Boosters:

Preformed once in a while to keep things fresh.

  • Super-set Pressing Movements with Push-ups: After a pressing movement, drop to the ground and do as many push-ups as possible. After failure, drop you knees down and perform "girl" push-ups until you are stuck on the floor.

  • Pec Dec Super-set with Pressing Movements: Do a set of pec dec or cable crossovers to failure, then go right to a pressing movement. Saves time, and you only have to use half the weight.

Day 3 - Back

Day 3 is another important day ... BACK! You do not only want to have a wide back, but you also want to have a thick back. There are so many muscles in the back, and such a variety of angles to train them at. Due to certain biomechanics and performance of exercises, training your back can also be taxing on the lungs. This is where you need to be sure that your cardiovascular health is up to par. My routine will go as follows:

Click here for a printable log of Day 3!

* This is where you get on a back row machine or seated cable row machine. Get into position as if you were about to do a row. Instead of rowing the weight, keep your arms locked in extension, triceps locked. All you do now is concentrate on squeezing your shoulder blades together, then opening them right up, etc.

Intensity Boosters:

Machine pull-overs super-setted with rows: I really do not superset back. After a set I am pretty knocked out. Supersets always work well or drop sets.

Every Other Day - Abs And Calves

I perform abs and calves every other day in alternating fashion. I usually pick 2 exercises and super-set between them. Here are some examples:


  • Incline Leg-Lifts super-setted with Decline Crunches: take each set to total failure.
  • Ab Machine: I get on an ab machine with a weight stack. Then start with your heaviest weight and drop it down 10 pounds all the way until there is not weight left on the stack.


Click here for a printable log of Chris' Ab & Calves workout!

Things to remember are to always make sure you're properly warmed up. When in doubt, do another warm-up set. No need to injure yourself and miss valuable time in the gym. As mentioned in the beginning of the article, after I have outlined all 6 days, you can decide where you want to put your rest day in. My rest and eat day is Sunday. It works out great for me.

I do not have school, I go to church with my fianceé and enjoy family company. Make sure you devote one day per week to take a rest and get some peace of mind. It will really do wonders for you in the long run. This takes care of days 1-3. In part 2, I will be going over days 3-6 which include shoulders, quads and arms. Be on the look out. Take care! God bless!

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