Which Jobs Can Hinder/help Your Bodybuilding Results?

Which jobs can hinder/help your bodybuilding results? Our forum members share their thoughts on what can hinder your fitness training and ways to work around them. Manage your time and improve!

TOPIC: Which Jobs Can Hinder/Help Your Bodybuilding Results?

The Question:

Many times our jobs or careers can hinder or possibly even help us achieve our bodybuilding goals. Some jobs make it hard for us to diet properly, get enough sleep and have enough time for working out.

Which jobs hinder one's bodybuilding hobby/career? Why?

Which jobs are best (or possibly help) for bodybuilding? Why?

How much does your current job hinder your bodybuilding work?

Which job hindered your bodybuilding results? Which least affected (or improved) your bodybuilding results?

Show off your knowledge to the world!

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Jobs That Can Hinder Bodybuilding
Which Job Hindered Your Bodybuilding Results? Which Least Affected (Or Improved) Your Bodybuilding Results?

Many times our jobs or careers can hinder or possibly even help us achieve our bodybuilding goals. Some jobs make it hard for us to diet properly, get enough sleep and have enough time for working out.

#1: Full Time Desk Jobs With Few Breaks:

Having a 9-to-5 desk job can be a great nuisance to a bodybuilder in many ways. Depending on the gym location, its hours and popularity, a full-time job can make it very hard to get to the gym at an optimal time, or not at all. Some gyms may close soon after a person is able to get there, and many gyms are also extremely crowded during these times.

It is almost impossible to get an open bench or squat rack at my gym after 5 p.m. Most full time jobs will make it very hard for a bodybuilder to get 5-6 good meals each day. Being relatively inactive for most of the day is also a negative factor for keeping body fat levels down.

Solution: Impaired Eating Schedule

Prepare bulk batches of food that you can easily take to work with you and eat quickly. A small, lunch box sized cooler can be handy in this case. A thermos bottle that comes with an attached cup is also useful for storing large amount of hot stew or soup. It is a convenient way to eat food without using utensils or making a mess. Thermos bottles are also useful for keeping items cold, like shakes.

Some bulk food ideas

        • Rice or Beans along with a gravy or sauce
        • Hard boiled eggs
        • Chicken or Tuna Salad
        • Egg or Potato Salad
        • Chicken Breasts
        • Pasta
        • Soups or Stews
        • Chili
        • Baked Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes

Solution: Impaired Workout Schedule

You may want to consider working out in the morning, or even during lunch break. If you bring food to eat while at work, your lunch time can be used to workout instead. Depending on how much time you have, or how far the gym is from work, this may or may not be a practical solution.

If your workout takes up a lot of time, consider trying a shorter workout program such as a HIIT style routine, or use time saving techniques like exercise pairings or circuit training, if it is conducive to your goals.

Solution: Reduced Physical Activity

Park farther away. Although walking for 5 minutes from your car to work may not burn much fat, it is better than nothing, and it does have health benefits. If your circumstances allow it, you may consider riding a bicycle to work. This can be a great way to add to your physical activity level, and it can help reduce the amount of time needed to spend in the gym.

#2: Full Time, On-The-Go Jobs:

These types of jobs can make it even harder to get 5-6 quality meals each day than an office job. Contractors or repair technicians are often driving constantly from place to place, all while on a tight timeline. Other than lunch break, many of these jobs do not allow for much time to eat.


Batch Cooking:

Prepare bulk batches of foods at home that are both easy to take along and easy to eat while doing another task like driving. If you drive a lot, a moderate sized cooler is an excellent item to carry in your car.

Some more food ideas:

        • Hard boiled eggs
        • Protein bars
        • Milk
        • Soup or Stew in a Thermos
        • Beef Jerky

#3: Jobs That Require Constant Traveling:

This is definitely a big one. Constant traveling can make it hard to have a regular workout schedule. It can also make it hard to get plenty of quality meals. People who travel may not have time to go shopping for food, or to prepare meals.

They may be getting only 2-3 meals per day, and at a restaurant too. Traveling may also affect the quality of sleep, which is important. I know of people who fly almost weekly, often internationally, and suffer from nearly constant jet lag.

Solution: Impaired Workout Schedule

Bring your gym with you.

With a bit of creativity, it is possible to make a compact travel kit that will allow you to do many types of body weight exercises. While this may not be as good as going to a gym, it is much better than nothing.

Some ideas for a 'traveling workout kit'

        • Chin-Up Bar: A store bought bar can be modified with some handwork to work in many different scenarios. The person I know who flies frequently carries two self made, collapsible tripods on which he can place his chin bar as well as a couple of compact dipping bars.

        • A Weight Vest Or Tight Fitting Backpack: This can be used to add extra weight for chin-ups or dips. Several small, collapsible water containers placed inside a backpack can easily add 15-20 pounds of extra weight.

        • Compact Dipping Handles: With some modification, these can be stable on many surfaces, including furniture around your hotel room.

        • Isometric Exercises: Isometric exercises can be a viable alternative to weight. A broomstick or bar braced against a piece of furniture can provide options for various isometric exercises.

        • Be Creative: Combinations of bands, small weights, body weight, furniture, and miscellaneous items can provide a decent workout. While it may not be ideal, it is much better than nothing, and may even provide a half-decent workout.

Solution: If You Have Difficulties Eating Frequent Meals

      • If you can, try to make a trip to the store and buy some semi-healthy snack food items or some food that you can quickly prepare. If this is not possible, some store bought or self-made bars would be the best option.

      • If you frequently eat out at restaurants, save some extra food and have it put into a takeout container. This can be eaten on-the-go several hours later with little mess and no preparation time.

      • A thermos bottle along with packets of soup mix can be an excellent idea in these cases as well. Simply add hot water and the soup mix, and you have a meal within a few minutes. Many soups may not have many calories or much protein, so choose wisely, or add extra mix.

#4: Night Jobs:

The biggest negative factor with graveyard shifts is the quality of sleep. Someone working a night shift will most likely be sleeping the daytime. Even though one may not have a problem sleeping, and does not feel tired during the day, it can still lessen the amount of deep sleep, or REM sleep.

Small amount of sunlight may not prevent light sleep, but it does affect the quality of sleep you will get. The amount of light your body detects effects melatonin levels, which in turn affect the quality of sleep. You may feel like you are getting sufficient sleep (and you may for some things) but probably not the ideal quality for bodybuilding.


Make sure your room is as dark as possible. Most blinds do not keep out that much light. Hang curtains or sheets that will darken the room to nighttime conditions. Turn off any computers or any unnecessary electronic devices that emit light. A white noise machine can help some people to achieve deep sleep, and can help to mask the disturbing, intermittent sounds of the day.

#5: Stressful Jobs:

Jobs which create a lot of stress can impede performance and bodybuilding results. Both physical stress and mental stress affect cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress-related hormone which is necessary in certain amounts. But any extra cortisol in the body will have a direct catabolic effect on muscle tissue.

This is obviously bad news for bodybuilders. Built up mental stress can also affect performance in the gym via the nervous system, which is all important for performance and gains.

Negative Factor Solution: Stress

Extra Attention To Diet

Carbohydrates elicit the insulin response, which directly drives down cortisol levels. This is one method of countering the effects of stressful job. Many fruits make an excellent snack to eat between meals, and also at work. The best choices are low calorie density, highly thermogenic fruits like apples, berries, citrus and melons.


A couple of short naps throughout the day can increase energy levels and reduce stress levels.


Whether it be relaxing with some soft music, singing along to your favorite songs, or pulling out the guitar for an hour, music can be a great way to take your mind off other things and to relieve stress.

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Yoga & Mediation

Yoga can relieve stress, aid flexibility, and improve recovery in some cases. Meditation techniques which help to clear your thoughts can be a useful method of relieving stress. These may or may not suit your personal tastes.


Visit a masseuse or try some new massage techniques with your spouse or significant other. Massages are not only good for stress relief, they are helpful in stimulating circulation to muscles, which aids recovery.


Sitting down to read a book may not be for everyone, but it is still a great way to take your mind off of stressful things and maybe learn a thing or two at the same time.

Cleaning Or Gardening

This would definitely not be my personal choice, but some people do find these activities enjoyable. Focusing on these types of tasks is yet another method of relieving stress.

#6: Student:

While not technically a job, being a student can somewhat hinder bodybuilding results. Many students are short on extra money, and have a hard time buying extra food beyond their school meal plan. The typical college scene, if one partakes in it can also be a negative factor in bodybuilding efforts.

Solution: If Short On Money

      • Spend as little money on eating out, junk foods, or expensive recreational activities as possible.

      • Buy cheap, but good bodybuilding foods like eggs, tuna, oatmeal and whole grains.

      • Cooking large batches of food does not have to take more than basic cooking skills, and can save a lot of money. Some good foods to batch cook are:

        • Brown rice
        • Beans
        • Eggs
        • Tuna
        • Potato or chicken salads
        • Soups & stews
        • Baked potatoes

Best Jobs
Which Jobs Are Best (Or Possibly Help) For Bodybuilding? Why?

#1: Manual Labor Jobs:

Many manual labor jobs can be beneficial to bodybuilding efforts. The increased physical activity results in a higher metabolic rate and potentially lower body fat levels. Jobs like construction or warehouse work can help to build a certain amount of upper body strength, especially in the hands and arms.

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Manual Labor Results In A Higher Metabolic Rate.

Just remember that 6-8 hours of manual labor will consume a lot of extra calories, so adjust accordingly. It may also be difficult to eat as a warehouse man or construction worker. Homemade or store bought meal replacement bars are easy to eat while working, and can provide a viable alternative to whole food meals.

#2: Self Employed Or At-Home Jobs:

Being self employed gives you much more freedom and flexibility with your bodybuilding schedule. You are much more likely to be able to go to the gym when everyone else is at work, or to stop and eat meals at optimum times.

Many people these days are both self employed and work out of their home. This is excellent for bodybuilding. You are able to cook, eat, and workout at almost any time. The only thing that would make this better would be to have a home gym.

#3: Personal Training:

Being a personal trainer can be a beneficial job for a bodybuilder as well. Being a fitness trainer can give you greater motivation to achieve your ideal body. Any trainer who looks as he preaches will carry much more weight in the opinion of the average client.

Personal Training
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Working As Trainer Can Give You Greater Motivation.

Working as a trainer makes it much easier to work out. The income is usually good, which means one does not have to work as much to earn a living. This leaves much more time for eating, working out, sleeping and relaxing.

My Job
How Much Does Your Current Job Hinder Your Bodybuilding Work?

My current job definitely does not hinder my bodybuilding progress. I currently work as an independent personal trainer at my local gym. The gym is located only a few blocks from my house, so it is very easy to workout when I want. On a busy day, I will often spend a full 6-8 hours at the gym, while working out, and spending time at the juice bar in between sessions.

I only need to work a few hours per day to support myself, and this leaves me plenty of free time for other things. I cannot think of any better scenario for my bodybuilding efforts.

Past Jobs
Which Job Hindered Your Bodybuilding Results? Which Least Affected (Or Improved) Your Bodybuilding Results?

The only job I have had that hindered my results was a job at a cabinetry shop. I worked there while I was in school, and the shop was located quite a ways out of town. I had to go there immediately after school, and by the time I got off work, it was near closing time at the gym. Combined with school, this made bodybuilding very difficult to pursue.

2nd Place - redhawk76
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Many bodybuilders would love to have more time to devote to their bodybuilding aspirations. Professional bodybuilders have all day to train and eat perfectly. If only everyone were that fortunate. Many bodybuilders do not reach their full potential due to careers that hamper their efforts. Some jobs, however, can actually help bodybuilders stay disciplined and achieve their goals.

Hindering Jobs
Which Jobs Hinder One's Bodybuilding Hobby/Career? Why?

There are many jobs and careers which can hinder the success of a bodybuilder. Naming all of them would be near impossible; however general categories are more harmful to the goals of bodybuilders than other. The main ones are the following:

Travel Jobs:

Jobs which require one to travel often can hamper the success of a bodybuilder dramatically. The hardest thing to battle for one who travels is a consistent training regimen. The hours of these workers are irregular, making it hard to get on a consistent program.

The hardest part by far, however, is finding a place to train. When staying the night in hotels one must hope that the workout are has sufficient training equipment. Many hotels do not have weights, and if they do the equipment is limited. Some hotels do not even workout areas whatsoever leaving the bodybuilders almost helpless.

Another barrier these bodybuilders face is their diet. When traveling so often the workers consistently go out to eat. It is very difficult to have a sound diet when going out to eat so often. Another problem with their diets is that they are always pressed for time. The quick and easy options, such as fast food, are much more convenient for the traveling worker. This kills a bodybuilder's progress.

What Can You Do To Beat This Obstacle?

The best thing that can be done is to plan ahead. As soon as you find out where your next destination is, search for a gym near the hotel you will be staying at or find out if the hotel itself will suffice. Try planning your entire week, or more if necessary.

This way when you arrive on your business trip you will know what is needed to be done in order to get your training in. Since you will be pressed for time you will be forced to follow your schedule spot on. Another tip that can help is to pack food. It is still difficult to pack plenty of healthy food for a whole trip, but do the best that you can.

Another option is to find a health food store where you will be staying and making purchases there. Also research the restaurants that you will be attending and try and determine the healthiest options available ahead of time. Always order water as well. This is most likely the most difficult career to overcome, however with hard work, planning and dedication it can be done.

Desk Jobs:

Desk jobs make a person more sedentary which leads to a lower energy expenditure throughout the day. Generally this is bad for the average bodybuilder as it could lead to excess fat storage. Sitting at a desk all day will bring your maintenance calories down dramatically compared to a more active lifestyle.

Another obstacle that bodybuilders who have desk jobs encounter is nutrition. The average office building consists of vending machines loaded with options loaded with refined sugar and saturated fat. The cafeteria usually doesn't consist of many healthy options. With this combination of unhealthy eating habits and low level of activity, it is no mystery how this effects a bodybuilder.

What Can You Do To Beat This Obstacle?

The best thing one can do to combat the effects of having a desk job is pack food. Every Sunday it is a good idea to prepare nutritious options such as brown rice, chicken, pasta and anything else that fits your nutrition plan. Make enough for the whole week so you only need to cook once per week.

By having plenty of healthy options at your desk you won't be tempted to wander to the vending machine. If you're not overwhelmed with work it is also a good idea to walk around the office. Basically stay moving as much as possible to try and make up for the sedentary lifestyle.

When it comes to training you have to find what works best for you. Training in the morning makes sense for most people because it is difficult to train after a long day of work. Some people can't get up early and need to train at night. Either option is fine so long that you do indeed train.

Another option that might help you is your means of transportation. If possible, bike or jog to work in order to burn some calories and stay active.

Night Jobs:

Night jobs create many problems for bodybuilders. The main reason for this is the hours that they have to work compared to the hours of everyday people. These employees only have time to train in the daytime, the only time gyms are usually open.

This causes a problem, however, because this is the only time that these employees can sleep. Although it is possible to adapt and plan the time correctly, it is much more difficult. The hardest part occurs when there is a transition from day to night hours. This creates problems as the employee will most likely be awake for long hours and then work.

When they finally return home they will most likely sleep until they have to work again. This causes them to miss plenty of meals and training sessions. There are also the temptations of late night food such as fast food or convenience stores. No healthy stores are open at this time, giving you very few options for meals.

What Can You Do To Beat This Obstacle?

The best way to combat this is to get settled into a schedule. Determine what exact time you will be beginning and ending throughout the week. Then plan when you will train, most likely before or after work. Plan out your whole day so it is essentially the same as someone who works in the day.

Just like anyone else might do - it is a good idea to cook in bulk on Sunday. This way you will not waste any time cooking in the week and you will make sure to get your training sessions in. Then take plenty of meals to work with you so you are not tempted to buy fast food or snacks from convenience stores in the middle of the night. Planning once again is the key to overcoming this.

Food Industry:

Being involved in the food business causes many temptations for bodybuilders. Generally being on diets that restrict them to healthy options, they might find themselves constantly in front of unhealthy foods. This might cause them to nibble on the extra food that is available.

It is much more tempting for bodybuilders to be around unhealthy food because they are usually on restricted diets. There is also a good chance that these employees will not have time to eat at a designated time like they should. In many cases they could get overwhelmed with business and not have time to eat healthy. It will make more sense in this situation to grab at the quick unhealthy foods.

What Can You Do To Beat This Obstacle?

Beating this obstacle can be very difficult, but can definitely be achieved. The first recommendation would be to eat a big meal before going into work. A good option for this meal would be a casein protein to hold you over just in case you can't get your meal while at work.

It is still advisable to bring a meal to work, however if you cannot get it in time you will have a sufficient meal to hold you over. Also by having a big meal you'll be less tempted to grab at the fattening foods. Teach yourself to avoid the temptation and eventually it won't be as difficult.

Best Jobs
Which Jobs Are Best (Or Possibly Help) For Bodybuilding? Why?

The best job for bodybuilding, besides actually being a professional bodybuilder, is definitely a personal trainer. This is so helpful for three main reasons. Firstly, you are always in and around the weight room helping people reach their goals.

Not only will helping others help them, it will help you as well. By helping people achieve their goals you are likely to be inspired to achieve yours as well. The other reason this job can be so helpful is because of your image.

You will be more credible as a personal trainer if you have a good body. This will never let you to fall off the wagon for fear of losing your job or losing some customers. That would be motivation enough to attain your bodybuilding goals.

Time is also a factor for anyone with a job. Training will take less time out of a personal trainer's day because their commute to work is also their commute to the gym. They don't need to take two trips or prepare twice for work and training. Training periods are also generally short, giving you plenty of time to get meals in.

Never will you be stuck in a training session not able to get your meal, assuming you planned your schedule correctly, which would be easy to do.

The only other jobs that can really help the goals of bodybuilders are careers in which you set your own schedule. This isn't the best because it doesn't necessarily relate to bodybuilding like personal training. You can set your own schedule which enables you to make the perfect schedule for you.

Whenever works best throughout the day for training ... you can do it then. After that you can simply schedule the rest of your day around it. This will also allow you to eat healthy meals whenever you like.

Any jobs that keep you moving are good for bodybuilding, so long as the job is not too taxing. Any job which has you on your feet most of the day should be good to keep you from being sedentary all day. This will help you burn calories and keep you active. The only problem would occur if it took too much effort and wore you out so that you couldn't train later in the day.

My Job
How Much Does Your Current Job Hinder Your Bodybuilding Work?

My current job does not hinder my bodybuilding whatsoever. Currently I am employed as a manager of a painting business. Since I am the manager of my own branch, I am able to decide when I want to work. This makes it convenient for me to train in the morning like I enjoy most. Then I spend the latter part of the day working.

I also work in my area which gives me ample time to go home and eat full meals whenever necessary. I never need to work straight for more than an hour at a time, so there is never a chance I'll miss a meal. This has definitely been a great job for my bodybuilding.

I am also a student, and this hinders bodybuilding slightly, but I still overcome it. During finals week, or other stressful time periods it is difficult to get training sessions in. It is also hard to prepare healthy meals each day to have in between classes. This is still possible, and I try to schedule my classes at times which allow me to train in the morning.

I also like to have my classes close together so that I can have plenty of time to do my homework. By training before class, and doing homework after, the two never conflict and this has worked great for me. Overall I believe any job can be overcome, it just takes dedication and hard work.

Past Jobs
Which Job Hindered Your Bodybuilding Results? Which Least Affected (Or Improved) Your Bodybuilding Results?

The only job that severely hindered my bodybuilding was when I was a chef at a pizza place. There was always extra pizza in front of me, and I rarely got a chance to take a break and eat. This was before I was experienced, so sometimes I would take a break and eat unhealthy choices. Only toward the end did I begin packing my meals. My results were extremely poor during this time period.

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Not Conducive To Bodybuilding.

All of my other jobs were much better than working in a food industry. Only my current job as a branch manager actually provides me with an advantage however. The scheduling possibilities my job provides me with are great for my bodybuilding success. I am constantly able to train consistently, and always get healthy meals in. There is no circumstance that has occurred where I miss a meal or a training session. I also move around quite a bit and stay active.

Many jobs can hinder your progress as a bodybuilder if you don't do something about it. Planning ahead is the best advice I can give you, and I urge you to take it. I hope this has helped, and good luck with your hobby/career!

3rd Place - Liquid_diet
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Three of the most important factors dictating success in the world of fitness are nutrition, exercise and rest. In today's fast-paced world, it is difficult to work a full time job and still succeed in all these other areas.

Any job that requires a person to burn more calories than they are able to consume - unless that person is on a cutting program - is going to be detrimental to one's bodybuilding. Any job that is so demanding that the proper amount of rest necessary for recovery is not possible is going to hinder gains.

A job that is so time consuming that it leaves little time left in the day for serious training will affect one's success in reaching fitness goals.


Before I focus on the questions contained in this week's topic, I would like to look a little closer at 3 of the biggest obstacles to bodybuilding presented by employment.

The First Problem:

Ideally, it is important to consume a meal every 2-3 hours that is high in protein, moderate in carbohydrates, and contains good fats. Although some of us bodybuilders might consider it a life-threatening situation to miss a meal, most employers will not be that sympathetic.

You can only tell your boss that your grandma died so many times to go home and prepare a healthy meal before they start counting grandmas and the gig is up.

The Solution:

The best remedy to this situation is to prepare meals at least a day in advance, and have them separated and portioned out for the next work day. This can save time and allow one to eat how they should when they should at work.

If work allows, keep a shaker bottle with you, and bring a packet or 2 of your favorite protein powder or meal replacement shake.

The Second Problem:

Working out takes time. Results come from hard work in the gym, and if is difficult to dedicate a large amount of time to working out after a full day's work. Using lunch break as a time to workout can be difficult if the gym is not close by. Furthermore, nobody wants to work next to somebody who just spent their lunch hour sweating their butt off. Lunch is better spent consuming a nutritious meal and taking a moment to relax.

The Solution:

Consider supersetting exercises to condense the workout into a shorter one. Also, try conditioning the body to take shorter rests in between sets. It is possible to get an effective workout without spending all day in the gym. Another option is to try working out in the morning before work. This can actually be a great way to wake up and become energized for the rest of the day.

Super Set Video Guide:

The Third Problem:

The body needs time to rest and recover in order to adapt and grow. Eight hours of sleep a night would be ideal. Many fitness-minded individuals find it difficult to get sufficient rest after a full day's work, a proper workout, and the rest of those everyday obligations. Not everyone can fall asleep on command, not matter how exhausted they feel.

The Solution:

Set aside at least half an hour before trying to fall asleep to "wind down." Try meditating, reading a book that is not too engaging, or just listening to relaxing music. Attempt to fall asleep at the same time every night to get into a routine if this is at all possible.

Hindering Jobs
Which Jobs Hinder One's Bodybuilding Hobby/Career? Why?

Physically demanding jobs such as construction work and warehouse labor can burn calories quickly. It is often difficult to refuel the body with sufficient calories while maintaining proper nutrition when working these types of jobs.

Employees cannot always stop on time to take their scheduled breaks at work, and often brakes can be missed completely. Finishing the job takes precedence over everything else in many cases. Many times employees resort to fast food or the snack machine in the break area to stay fed.

In addition to physically demanding jobs, and those with long hours, employment in the fast food industry, or any restaurant for that matter, can negatively affect one's diet. With so much food around all day - and a large amount of it being very unhealthy - it is easy to cheat on nutrition.

While it is fairly obvious that many fast foods are high in fat, even fancy restaurants have thick sauces and fried menu items that can be very unhealthy. I know from personal experience that working in a restaurant can lead to unwanted weight gain.

Even white collar employment can be detrimental to bodybuilding aspirations. Employees climbing the corporate ladder can put in long hours 6-7 days per week in order to get ahead in the workplace. This leaves little to no time for diet, rest, and training. In addition, stress in this type of environment can become high. Stress and resulting physical symptoms can be devastating to the body.

Best Jobs
Which Jobs Are Best (Or Possibly Help) For Bodybuilding? Why?

Obviously, being a professional bodybuilder would be best for bodybuilding. Unfortunately, this cannot be a reality for many people. Besides making a living as an actual professional bodybuilder or fitness model, any job in a field related to fitness is going to be best for bodybuilding.

Working in a gym as a personal trainer, in sales, or even as a front desk employee can still be convenient for fitness minded individuals in the work force. By combining the commute to work and the gym into one destination, it is much easier to work out as often as desired. Being around people with similar interests and goals can be motivational.

Not only will it be motivational to be around other bodybuilders, but these individuals are often knowledgeable and able to share new information and tips. Being able to work around other fitness-minded individuals, and to learn a thing or two from them is going to be beneficial for anyone wanting to be a bodybuilder.

In addition to gym employment, jobs in the field of nutrition and dietetics are good for bodybuilders. This type of employment keeps one up to date on the latest guidelines and information available for proper diet and nutrition. This is an important aspect of bodybuilding, and people in this field tend to understand and follow nutritional guidelines well.

My Job
How Much Does Your Current Job Hinder Your Bodybuilding Work?

My current job requires me to be on the sales floor of a large store for 8 hours per day. I am on my feet the entire time and moving around. At first this presented a challenge, as I was burning more calories and having trouble finding the time to eat sufficient and healthy meals.

I was even having trouble staying hydrated, as there are not any drinking fountains in my area, and my boss and customers would be looking at me funny if I was lugging around my usual gallon jug filled with water.

However, my company takes breaks and lunch very seriously. Once I figured out my schedule, and how things ran, I was able to make changes. By preparing my meals in advance, I was able to take a 15-minute break every 2 hours to sit down and eat one of my meals.

My body got used to working a little harder, and I increased my caloric intake to compensate. I am happy to say I am now back on track with my diet.

Exercise has not been an issue, as I make time 4-5 times per week to hit the gym. I usually pack my things ahead of time, and go straight to the gym after work before I start to wind down for the night. If I sat down before working out, there is a good chance I would lose my motivation and not stand back up to go to the gym.

Forming a routine and sticking with it is working for me right now. I feel like my gains are not being affected by my current employment.

Past Jobs
Which Job Hindered Your Bodybuilding Results? Which Least Affected (Or Improved) Your Bodybuilding Results?

The worst job I ever had while trying to maintain my physique was when I was a server at a restaurant. During busy evenings, I would be running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get orders out and keep my tables happy. I would break a sweat on more than a few occasions.

I was not allowed a break until all my tables were taken care of, and often these breaks were extremely short. I usually found myself eating something fried from the kitchen at random times throughout the night. Needless to say, I gained a few unwanted pounds, and I felt very unhealthy and tired.

The best job I ever had for bodybuilding was when I was in the best shape of my life. I worked as a front desk customer service representative at a local gym. I could drive to the gym and have a great workout, hit the showers and change, step out of the locker room and clock in at work.

I was working out at least 5 days per week. I was more motivated than ever to represent the gym by looking healthy, and to keep up with some of the gains others were making around me.

In addition, there was a nutrition shop right across the main area from me. I was allowed to have a protein shake or meal replacement right behind the counter whenever I needed it. My diet and nutrition were as on point as my training was.

In Conclusion...

While it may be challenging, it is definitely possible to balance a full-time job and a lifestyle dedicated to bodybuilding. With a little forethought and some adjustments, you can have the best of both worlds.