Tight Abs In 10 Minutes: Zuzka Light's High-Intensity Core Workout Video

Burn fat at a breakneck pace and carve your very own six-pack with this high-intensity, ten-minute abs workout!

Tight Abs In 10 Minutes: Zuzka Light's High-Intensity Core Workout Video

I have been working out in front of the camera for years! You may have worked out with me—I release new workouts on my Zuzka Light YouTube channel every week. I love every second of it. It feels great to inspire others and help people transform their bodies.

In order to make sure my own body is camera-ready, I complement my healthy eating habits with super-tough training routines, including this ab-focused workout. Wanna try?

This routine, like all of my workouts, is based on full-body, functional movements done at high-intensity intervals. The goal is to target core muscles with efficient, powerful exercises. Sure, it may only take 10 minutes. But because you're doing max-effort training, I promise you'll already be long past fatigue when the workout is over.

Zuzka Light's Tight Abs Workout
Watch The Video - 12:10

Zuzka Light's "Tight in Ten" Abs Workout

In 10 minutes, complete as many rounds as possible of:


Burpees (5 reps)

Directions and Tips:
  • After you come back to your feet from the push-up, jump as high as you can. You'll notice that as you tire, your jump may shorten. That's OK! Keep jumping.

Reptiles on the Chair (20 reps)

Reptiles on the Chair
Reptiles on the Chair
Directions and Tips:
  • These are also called "knee-to-elbow" planks.
  • You can do them without putting your feet on a chair, but increasing the angle makes them more difficult.
  • Keep your body stable with your butt down and your back flat. Bring your right knee as close as you can to your right triceps. Don't move your upper body to meet your knee—the only part of your body that should move is your leg. Return your right foot to the chair and repeat on the left side.

Side Hops over Dumbbell (20 reps)

Directions and Tips:
  • Jumps not only challenge your abs, they also challenge your stability and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Use your arms to help with balance and height.

Plank Pull with Dumbbell (10 reps)

Plank Pull With Dumbbell
Plank Pull With Dumbbell
Directions and Tips:
  • These may seem strange, but they are core killers!
  • Begin in a plank position with the dumbbell ahead of you at arm's reach.
  • Grasp the dumbbell with one hand and slide it toward you. The dumbbell should end up under your bellybutton. Make sure you keep your hips straight—they'll want to move to help you pull.
  • Walk backwards on your hands and feet until the dumbbell is again ahead of you. Grab it with the opposite arm and pull it toward your belly.
  • Use a weight that's challenging but not too heavy to finish the reps.

Push yourself with maximum effort, but make sure you maintain good form throughout the workout.

Zuzka Light's Tight Abs Diet Tips

The best exercise program in the world won't produce great results if it's not coupled with a healthy and effective diet. If you're trying to make your abs look the best they can, here are a few tips:

Diet tips
  1. Don't fast. Although I want to look sleek and cut, I still want to remain healthy and fed.
  2. Get your carbs from fruits and vegetables, not wheat or added sugars.
  3. Cut dairy. It will decrease bloating and help better define your muscles.
  4. In the days leading up to a shoot or event, drink at least 3 liters of water each day. Try to avoid all other liquid calories like soda and alcohol. I switch my caffeine from coffee to green tea, to avoid creams.
  5. Commit yourself to cooking your own meals. Eating out, as we know, usually results in sodium-rich plates and oversized portions.

By following these nutrition tips and doing the workout, you will be well on your way to that much-wanted tight tummy! Keep your eyes peeled for my next Zuzka Light workout on Bodybuilding.com!

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