Build Your Neck... Lose The Pencil Neck!

One day I was searching the web and I found this site, and I knew I wanted to look big and cut like some of the bodybuilders here.

Are you sick of being big and having a "pencil" Neck? , I have a solution for gaining a "tree" neck look that everybody wants. Have you ever seen a huge guy at the gym with great upper and lower body but with NO neck at all? I see them all the time and many have never worked their necks before or don't know how to. I have been observing these big guys at the gym lately and I have noticed no neck Mass at all. I believe neck training is not only fundamental for Bodybuilding but it also gives you a solid appearance. I myself have learned two great Neck (sternomastoid) exercises that helped me build a huge muscular neck! you will soon be able to have that "tree" branch neck look if you follow these exercises:

Neck Flexion: This is a great exercise for building a nice neck, here is how its done. Lay face up on your bench, with your head and shoulders over the edge. Hold a weight plate, wrapped in a towel on your forehead with both hands. Lift up your head until your chin touches your chest, slowly return, extending your head as far back as possible.

You should do about 2-3 sets of 8 reps. Be careful and try to avoid injury!!!. Neck exercises have to be done correctly in order to be safe from injury.

Neck Extensions: Here is another good Exercise that I love to do, Sit bent over on a bench. Hold a weight plate wrapped in a towel with both hands on the back of your neck. Lift your head up as high as possible, and return to starting position until your chin touches your chest.

Go slow and easy! do not rush through the reps try to maintain proper form and you should get great results.

The appearance of the neck in regard to thickness or thinness is influenced by the length of the neck. people with shorter necks may appear to have thicker necks and people with long necks like me may appear to have a thin neck.

One other way that we can reduce the thin-neck look is to build up the upper trapezius muscle, however, I believe that the neck exercises above will give you a better all around look to your neck because it isolates the primary neck muscle.

Now that you have learned some good tips to work your neck its time to hit the gym!. remember to always stretch your neck before and after you do the exercises. WORK YOUR NECK ONCE A WEEK ONLY in the same day as your back or shoulders. Be aware of your movements and do not put a lot of weight or you may cause severe injury. This is not easy to do but the results are great.

Good Luck!