Most Underused Chest Exercise: The Decline Dumbbell Press!

Even if you train your *ss of in the gym with no variety, after a period of time you will get no results. Here is a good exercise to add to your routine. Try it out!

It's a Monday afternoon and you arrive at the gym and what you see is most of the guys training the chest. I see most of these guys week after week doing the exact same workouts for chest and they are wondering why their chests are not growing.

You see, even if you train your *ss of in the gym with no variety, after a period of time you will get no results. I suggest you guys give the decline dumbbell bench press a try and you will see results within weeks.

The Decline Dumbbell Bench Press

To perform the decline press start with the dumbbells just outside of your upper chest and press them up towards the midline until they almost touch in the center. Then lower the dumbbells back down in a slow and controlled manner. The speed in which you move the dumbbells on the positive and negative movements is very important with this exercise, as your body isn't in a stable position.

Keep the speed the same on the way up and then on the way down. Always keep control. Be sure to have the bench at about a 30-degree angle, this isn't too extreme but it will hit the lower region of your pecs.

Make sure you drive your arms directly up in the positive portion of the rep as letting your arms to the side will allow gravity take a hold of the weight and take to the ground with your arms attached.

I cannot believe how this movement is so neglected. The decline press gives your chest that sharp cut look towards the bottom and is what completes the chest separation from the abs - it rounds out the chest and helps to make it look fuller and gives the chest more thickness than the flat or incline movements can do.

As this exercise is primarily used for the lower pectorals it does place a great deal of stress on the middle and upper chest also.

For beginners start out light as it will take 2-3 workouts to get used to the movement required but once you have mastered the form will experience enormous gains.

This exercise can also be done with a barbell but is not recommend before you use the dumbbells for about 4 weeks. You need to get your shoulders accustomed to the exercise to prevent injury.

Remember by keeping proper form you not only minimize injury but you will increase your size as well. It's not how much you lift, but the way you lift it.

Give this exercise a try and you will notice a change in the developments of your chest.

After giving the exercise a go drop me a line at with any comments about the exercise and suggestions for future articles.