Shred Like Spartacus: War Of The Damned Workout Superfeature

You may never fight for your life in the arena, but you can build a gladiator body and get shredded like Spartacus with our War of the Damned superfeature.

Spartacus: War of the Damned premieres January 25, 2013 on Starz with a promise of blood, battle, and ripped gladiators-turned-soldiers. While you may never get the chance to suit up, draw steel, and storm Rome, you can trade daggers for dumbbells and wage war on fat. You can transform yourself into a modern-day hero. In short, you can train like Spartacus to look like Spartacus. We've got the details.

War of the Damned Trailer!

Watch The Video - 01:24

How The Cast Of Spartacus Got In Gladiator Shape

Liam McIntyre is stronger than ever as he enters his second season as the heroic gladiator Spartacus, thanks to an all-body regimen, smart nutrition, and "Dirty 30s."

Spartacus Workout: The Triple Set Scorcher

Take on the Spartacus Triple Set Scorcher to burn fat, build muscle, and chisel the body you've always wanted.

The Science Of The Spartacus Workout

Metabolic circuits can help you build a gladiator body. Learn the biology behind this cutting-edge training technique used in The Spartacus Workout!