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Neil Hill's Nutrition Program - You Gotta Eat Big To Get Big

Yoda 3 Training (Y3T), is split over a nine week period and divided into 3 three week phases.

Neil Hill stresses that nutrition is the key to success for any and every athlete. In the early years of bodybuilding, he didn't realize the importance of a sound diet. Neil had a healthy appetite, but didn't put a lot of emphasis into the "healthy" aspect. It wasn't until he started researching what successful bodybuilders ate, that he discovered it did in fact matter what he put into his body. That was an important lesson in quality versus quantity, although the quantity definitely had its place too.

Neil attributes the large portion of building muscle to eating during the night. Getting up in the middle of the night for a meal will actually speed up your metabolism and fuel your body for growth. If you want to get big, then you have to make the sacrifices that are necessary to do so. The concept is quite simple; you have to pay the cost to be the boss. If you're ready to take authority of your physique, then set your alarm clock and follow Neil's mass-building nutrition program now.

Neil Hill's Fitness Program
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You Gotta Eat Big To Get Big

Nutrition is the key to success for any athlete. Just like training, your nutrition has to be 3-dimensional, meaning you have to get as many key ingredients as possible. Vitamins, minerals, trace elements, carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats from an array of healthy foods.

"The amount of macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats) may need to be altered depending on your body weight."

My mass building diet is for a person around 200-220lbs. The amount of macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats) may need to be altered depending on your body weight, your specific goals, and your ability to consume the high amount of calories.

Supplementation 1
Supplementation 2
Supplementation 3
Supplementation 4
Supplementation 5
Supplementation 6
Supplementation 7
Supplementation 8
Meal 2
Meal 5
Meal 7
Meal 8
  • Almonds Gaspari myofusion
    2 scoops
  • Almonds Walnuts

Additional Supplementation

Extra Oomph
Pre Workout
  • Take 1 serving of SuperPump Max 45-60 min before you train with 25oz of water.
  • 10-15 min before you train take 6g Glutamine & 8g of BCAA.
Intra Workout
  • Take 1 1/2 serving of Size-On Max with 25oz of water and drink this between your sets.
Post Workout
  • As soon as you finish training take 1 serving of Size-On Max 45-50g of Protein from IntraPro, and 35-45g of a good fast digesting carb (Vitargo).
aBefore Bed
  • Take a ZMA that includes around 30-40mg of Zinc and around 400-500mg Magnesium; take this 45-60 min before Meal 7.
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