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ZMA JYM, 90 Vegetarian Capsules
JYM Supplement Science
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Supports healthy immune function and a healthy hormone balance*
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Zinc, 250 Tablets
NOW Supplements
Immune Support*
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2 For $22 ZMATRIX, 120 Capsules
Evlution Nutrition
9.2 343 Reviews
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Zinc & Magnesium Mineral Complex to Aid Healthy Sleep and Immune System Function*
$18.99 ($0.63 / Serving)
2 For $38 ZMATRIX, 240 Capsules
Evlution Nutrition
9.2 343 Reviews
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Zinc & Magnesium Mineral Complex to Aid Healthy Sleep and Immune System Function*
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Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off Ferodrox, 60 Vegetable Capsules
Kaged Muscle
8.9 37 Reviews
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Helps Support Healthy Testosterone and Cortisol Balance*
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Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off Z-Elite, 180 Capsules
RSP Nutrition
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All Natural Nighttime Sleep Aid!*
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Zinc Picolinate, 50mg/120 Capsules
NOW Supplements
9.8 10 Reviews
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Essential Mineral
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Zinc Chelate, 120 V-Caps
Zinc Chelate Veggie Capsules To Support Proper Growth And Development*
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L-OptiZinc, 100 Capsules
NOW Supplements
9.5 6 Reviews
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Essential Minerals!
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New Item Fade Out Sleep Formula, 30 Servings
Sleep support powder to promote deeper rem sleep & muscle recovery*
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New Item CRASH Sleep & Recovery Liquid, 14.9 Fl. Oz.
Pro Supps
Liquid ZMA with GABA & Melatonin for sleep support*
$21.99 ($0.73 / Serving)
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Introduction To Zinc


Don't Develop A Zinc Deficiency

Zinc is one of the essential trace minerals in the body, and is useful for many different functions. It is commonly found in milk, oysters, red meat, spinach, nuts, oats, and beans. If you're currently not getting enough Zinc, then don't think twice about adding this great mineral to your fitness protocol!

Zinc can help support overall health levels by boosting your immune system and supporting liver health.* Many athletes develop zinc deficiencies because of its importance during physical activity.

Think Zinc

Muscle building enthusiasts and athletes alike should look into taking zinc, as it plays a key role in the muscle growth process, so don't let your zinc levels become deficient.*

Additionally, Zinc plays a supporting role in other areas such as:

  • Protein synthesis*
  • Hormone levels*
  • Digestion*
  • Cholesterol levels already within a normal range*


The Secret To Protein Synthesis And Fast Recovery*

The roles zinc has in the body are plentiful - ranging from immune support all the way to muscle protein synthesis.* Zinc may promote cell division, growth, and repair to help you recover from those sessions in the gym. * Zinc also plays a supporting role in the liver, helping to detoxify free radicals!*

By being involved in over 200 enzymatic reactions in the body, Zinc is very important for supporting the body's digestion and synthesis of protein and is great for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.* By consuming it on a regular basis, you can put your mind at ease knowing you are supporting your body on multiple levels.*

Stronger On The Bench And In The Bedroom*

Most people can find a use for Zinc since it is involved in so many processes in the body. First of all, any athlete can use Zinc to support efficient muscle recovery during and after their workout, especially since extended physical activity can deplete one's Zinc levels.*

Males can support sexual health by supplementing with Zinc.* Because Zinc is used to support healthy testosterone levels and is often depleted after male sexual activity, adding it to your fitness regime can help support you in the gym and in the bedroom.*

Read on to learn more about proper zinc supplementation!

Expert Knowledge = Expert Results

The recommended amounts of zinc consumption are set at 15 mg per day for men and 12 mg per day for women. It's important not to consume more than this amount on a daily basis, or you could put yourself at risk for sacrificing the absorption of other important nutrients in the body such as iron and copper.

Zinc can be found as an ingredient in a multivitamin or found by itself in safe dosages, so find the specific Zinc product to fit your fitness requirements!