Valuable Muscle-Building Guide For Successful New Year's Transformation

The festive season is by far my favorite time of the year. I receive presents, see all my family, and all that guilt free binging on tasty food. Use your built up fat stores as building blocks for putting on muscle. Learn more from these helpful tips.

Believe To achieve Your Muscle Mass Gaining Transformation

The festive season is by far my favorite time of the year. I receive presents, see all my family, and all that guilt free binging on tasty food.

Now, there are drawbacks to this particular time of the year. The obvious one's being the expense and more importantly we tend to let our weight grow like Pinocchio's nose when asked if he's a real boy.

However, do not fear. I am here and I can tell you right now we can always turn these negatives into positives. To make this nice and simple to understand, I would like us to use an analogy.

The added fat cells we have gained over Christmas are like bricks on the ground. Instead of continuing to shovel this off as waste, we are going to pick them back up and rebuild the wall. This way we can convert what we don't want into muscle mass.

As a quick guide to help prevent excessive fat gains, just consider a few things. Before indulging in all the "fatty treats" that are offered, go for low glycolic content food. As I always reiterate, high glycolic foods spike our insulin levels.

This is a sure fire way to increase fat storage, apart from first thing in the morning and straight after training. However, don't get up Christmas morning with a bowl of ice cream and coke to compliment the experience.

Secondly, saturated fat is another route we would rather take a diversion around. Like driving, going direct, as in eating a fast snack, you may hit problems such as fat gain as you would a traffic jam. Don't be tempted by "quick fix" snacks and take time to prepare your meals to make it efficient.

Now we have got the "what to and not to do" factors out of the way, let's get onto the serious side of things. Once the wave of excitement has passed, let's get our heads on and gain substantial muscle mass.

This can be your New Year's resolution or just a continuation of your goal. So let's put down what we need to be taking in through the day which will see us gain muscle as fast as Donald Trump gains dollar bills.

dot Build Me Up Breakfast: 8:30 AM: dot

This "hunger busting" breakfast ticks each box necessary in order to redefine the meaning of muscle mass. The whole eggs and egg whites bring us the protein we need to build and rebuild our torn up muscle fibers.

The oats give us the slow releasing, low GI carbs which are required to gain muscle mass and not rolls of fat. The flaxseed oil brings us vital healthy fats to keep our sanity, joints well lubricated and cravings down.

      Pineapple is our best buddy here; it tastes good which goes a long way to help us keep a healthy


    to build lean muscle.

dot Morning Munchies: 11:30 AM: dot

Opposed to when we are stripping, notice we are not so fussed about having wholemeal rice here. The carbs are still good and this is a very useful form to help transform blubber into blocks quickly.

      Turkey breast is a great form of


    , and flaxseed oil should be an "every meal" thing for you now.

dot Lion's Lunch: 2:30 PM: dot

Sweetpotatoes keep the carbs trend going while rocking my world with its taste. It's that good. The lean beef is the best protein to pack muscle on as well as tasting as good as Lamborghini's look.

      The reason why this doesn't feature in every meal is simple; it costs too much for the 'average Joe' to eat all day, every day, and, excessive red


    intake can contribute to heart disease.

dot Pre-Workout Energizer: 5:00 PM: dot

The wholemeal toast once again tops up the fuel tank with slow digesting carbs on the cap. These are what we predominately use for fuel in the gym, so get them in. I know I said wholemeal here, but not to rice.

In short, white bread is pretty useless. Almond butter is rich in protein, rich in quality fats and even wealthier in its taste.

      Creatine combined with a great diet ramps up our


      like spinach did for Popeye. Glutamine allows us to help our body


      quicker, helping us train harder and increasing strength, and by doing so adding muscle mass.

Like motorways channels traffic, nitric oxide forces oxygen rich blood to the working muscles. This helps us train harder and of course get bigger muscles for our troubles.

      This isn't the only reason why I love it. The party trick of NO2 is that the pump it gives us is to the point where you feel you're in a cartoon.

You feel king of the jungle so to speak with your vascularity looking like a map, as if you're about to burst out of your skin. I believe this helps gain muscle, as you cannot get enough of how you look pumped, so you always strive for more.

dot Train Beyond The Pain: 6:00 PM: dot

      Remember, the only way you know you've


    well enough is if you fall over on the steps outside, honestly.

dot Post Workout Scoff: 7:15 PM: dot

Here I have said you need lots of protein, hence the extra bar. Without boring you with a science lesson, the 2 hours after training is like a window where you need to throw everything in the way of food, through it. Only good stuff mind you.

      The huge dosage of


      is intentional, your body is yelling for them at this point. The apple will spike


      levels, this being the only time of day we want this to happen. The extra glutamine increases



dot The Last Supper: 8:00 PM: dot

This is the last whole food meal of the day, so enjoy it. Here we are maintaining our carbs, fat, and protein intake. Don't be afraid to throw in some vegetables for flavor and added nutrition.

dot Grow While Asleep Meal: 10:30 PM: dot

This is when we grow, while asleep. So it makes sense that we indulge in some protein for the journey. I have also put in some carbs and fats here. 95% of us are hard gainers and I am a strong believer (from my experiences) that these nutrients help, even before bed.

If I need to do a few minutes cardio a day just to make sure my waistline doesn't end up like Dawn French's, then I do so. I give my body all the ingredients necessary to grow in the night as well.


Well, there you go. Now you can grow. However, before you do, I would like to give you a few more things to read from your screen.

Our training needs to match our diet. To grow into a muscle mass monster, we need to keep improving our personal bests, nearly every week. Try not to go lower than 6 reps, but always push for more weight with good form. By doing so, our body has no other option than to allow hypertrophy (muscle growth) to occur.

Our attitude also needs to be parallel with our efforts. Go into the gym in a "joking" mood and you will always be a "joke". It is time to think about what you're going to do in the gym hours before you are there; walk into that place and attack it.

Go where everyone else is scared to go. That is what my superiors Kris Gethin and Neil Hill will tell me and practice. Do what you have to do to get where you want to go.

Myself, I love listening to Linkin Park before the gym. I imagine what it will feel like to lift that weight and I'm like a Whippet on speed roaring to get into the gym. Scream, shout, swear or do anything else necessary to do what you gotta do.

This is not a pep talk, it is simply a fundamental need to achieve in bodybuilding, even if you're not a competitive bodybuilder. So next time your going to the gym, think of that place which makes hair rise on your neck, gives that buzz and makes you feel like an animal.

Organization will make this a lot more fun for you. Preparing your food for the next day, planning your gym times and what you are training for focuses you. Driving to the gym not knowing what your training isn't good. This, I genuinely believe, is another factor which is a must to achieve.

Self motivation is so important. Any bodybuilder will tell you that they have heard other trainers around them complain. "Why are you doing that?", "what's the point?", "your so vein" are all things we have had directed at us.

Does this upset you? Hell no, this tells you these people cannot ever achieve what you are and need to bring you down to make themselves feel better. So enjoy proving them wrong and making them look like the idiots they are.

When you're peeled on the beach and they see you, who's going to feel like the idiot then? Bodybuilder's are not vein, their proud. What is wrong with giving yourself a pat on the back for kicking your own @ss in the gym to sculpt the body you always dreamed of?

You're not an ego chaser, you're an achiever. So I will leave you with a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Always keep your head held up high and believe to achieve.