Military Bodybuilder Of The Month: Enmeri Batista

By military standards she was too skinny for her height. Now she has the muscle to take her body to the pro stage.

Enmeri Batista needed to gain weight to meet military standards for her height, but she wanted to do it the right way, in good health and in a positive manner. Nine years in the United States Air Force helped her grow at a measured pace she was comfortable with.

Her end goal is to go pro in figure, but like everything in health and fitness, the pro route is an arduous process. This dental technician is up to the task! She started small, with local competitions, but with the help of IFBB pro Zoa Linsey and an invite to nationals, she is on her way. Join us in congratulating Enmeri Batista as the February Military Bodybuilder of the Month!

How Did You Get Started?

I was interested in gaining good weight. After being so sickly all the time I wanted a change. I met a bodybuilder who got me started. I fell in love with weights and the power it gave me, and I have been hooked since.

What is the Hardest Part of Making the Transition From Civilian Life to Military Life?

The unexpected things that interrupt your plans can be hard sometimes. You may have a plan for the day to get things done, but they don't always work that way. Adapt and overcome.

Will You Please Describe Your Duties in the Military?

I am trained as a dental technician. The job branches off into many different duties. I will perform duties ranging anywhere from administrative work in the office to cleaning teeth for service members.

How Did Your Tours of Duty Change the Way You Look at Fitness?

I have grown in many ways. It wasn't until I was into the sport of fitness for about two years that I started seeking the nutritional aspect that makes all the difference. This is when I met my trainer, IFBB pro Zoa Linsey. Though I am not in Okinawa, Japan, anymore, my coach and I work out my plans and meals online.

If You Hadn't Gone into the Military, What Occupation Would You Have Pursued?

I was looking into physiology or dentistry.

How Does Fitness Differ in the Different Military Branches, in Your Case, the USAF?

When I first joined, we were phasing out the "bike test." Now the testing is becoming more strict and there is zero tolerance for failure.

What is the Biggest Obstacle in Leading a Military Lifestyle?

Being away from my family is a big obstacle. I've served in New Mexico, Hawaii, Japan and Turkey. The long days and nights can interrupt your fitness aspirations.

Does Living in Hawaii Give You Alternative Fitness Options?

There is so much to do out here. Water sports gave me a broader look. I have been learning how to swim so I can go paddleboarding.

Personal Sacrifice is an Accepted Part of the Military, How Does That Translate to Fitness?

My meals have to be planned around my work schedule. Sometimes I am a few minutes late. But lucky for me, I have amazing coworkers who will look out for me for a few minutes so I can consume my meal.

Do You Think It's More or Less Difficult for Military Women to Stay in Shape, as Opposed to Civilian Women?

Honestly, I think it is less difficult in the military. We are supposed to uphold a standard of fitness. And we have so many programs that offer help. We have access to many weight rooms and equipment and many people who can assist your fitness goals.

Which Supplements Give You the Greatest Gains?

What I use: BPI Sports Blox, Nature's Best Zero Carb Isopure

How I use them: Three servings, one throughout the day, during workout and post. Only two shakes a day, pre/post workout.

What Are Your Future Bodybuilding Plans?

After I achieve my dreams as a figure competitor, I will be crossing into Women's Physique. Hopefully I'll earn my pro card one day.

How Do You Think Bodybuilding Helps You as an Airman?

It has given me a stronger appearance and increased my confidence. All of these things affect my job as a dental technician and it shows pretty clearly. I inspire others without even knowing that I do.

Who Are Your Favorite Bodybuilders?

Phil Heath and Zoa Linsey, both from the IFBB. Gina Allioti is my favorite Figure competitor, and I'd say Susan Salazar IFBB for physique.

What One Tip Would You Give Other Bodybuilders in the Military?

If it is something you want really bad, make the time you need to achieve it, even if it requires you to lose a little sleep. The rewards are worth the sacrifice.