Spotlight Interview With Natural Bodybuilder & Model Myles Hannaman.

Two years into college I decided nursing was the wrong major and switched to Fitness and Human Performance to become a Physical Therapist. Learn more about Myles and what plans he has for the future.

[ Q ] Tell me about yourself (age, weight, student? etc.)

I was born and raised in Pride, Louisiana and went to catholic schools my whole life. I played just about every sport there was, but stuck with wrestling mainly because it was an individual sport, like bodybuilding.

I wrestled at 125lbs winning city and state championships at 130lbs and won two more years at 140lbs. I was offered scholarships to wrestle in college up north, but I blew my knee out my senior year so I decided to attend Southeastern Louisiana University at the age of 18 weighing about 145-150 in aspirations of becoming a nurse.

Two years into college I decided nursing was the wrong major and switched to Fitness and Human Performance to become a Physical Therapist.

[ Q ] How did you get started in modeling and natural bodybuilding?

The way I got started in modeling and bodybuilding is sort a funny story. Well, as a wrestler I had to keep in shape and I loved working out, so in the off season I lived in the gym.

When I blew my knee out and went to physical therapy, my therapist told me I should body build since in a way it is like wrestling, as far as competition and dieting and exercising. But remember I was only 140lbs, so I told him hell no. Well right when I started Southeastern [Louisiana University] I needed a job and the only job I wanted was in the gym. So I talked to Brad Borland and we hit it off pretty well and I got the job.

I thought that I was the hardest working dude in the gym when I was working out and no one could keep up with me. But as I started working there I noticed these two massive guys working out everyday for hours at a time. Being too shy to approach them I had to find a way for them to approach me. So I showed off my strongest feature (abs) and it worked.

Carey Addison and Thayer Hill approached me and said they were impressed with my abs and had seen me work out before, and asked me if I wanted to try working out with them. This was perfect, a sport like wrestling to make me stand out in the gym. Of course at 145lbs I had a lot of work to do especially LEGS.

I had to learn how to train and to diet. So they told me who started them off: Brad Borland. When I talked to Brad he gave a diet and when I was by myself he would give me pointers on how to work out. I gained about 20-25 pounds my first semester of college naturally and I finally decided ok, I want to compete.

This is where the funny part begins. Remember, I am a southern boy that grew up in the country. I was against shaving my body, had long hair, and didn't give a damn what people thought of me.

Well, first thing they told me was get a hair cut. Okay, I can deal with that. Next shave your whole body. WHAT! Okay whatever. Then, dye your hair to look good on stage. Oh GOD they turned me into a METRO. Well turns out they knew what they were talking about because, I placed second at the Musclemania Superbody competition in Miami in 2004 and did many photo shoots and got picked up by a model agency.

[ Q ] How long have you been a model/natural bodybuilder? What is your competition history in modeling/natural bodybuilding?

[I have been competing for] 2 years. In 2005 I competed in Miami and got second in the Novice. In New Orleans Musclemania First in Novice, and in the Hollywood Musclemania fifth in Juniors.

I also did an NGA show in Lafayette, Louisiana and got first in teens and overall Novice. In my second year of competition I put all the marbles in one modeling competition [in the Hollywood Musclemania] and placed fourth.

[ Q ] What is your training like? How does training for a photo shoot compare/differ from a natural bodybuilding show?

My bodybuilding program consists of 6 day on 1 day off. I work everything 2 times per week, 6-8 reps heavy weight, moderate during off-season and higher for precontest. My diet off season is high calorie, precontest is lower carbs and increased protein.

Previously I did a moderate amount of cardio but lately am experimenting with less cardio and longer dieting length. For modeling it is 6 on 1 off, and same as above but more cardio to get the leaner and slimmer look. My diet is much the same but for a photo shoot I increase cardio and keep everything else the same.

[ Q ] What is your nutrition/diet like? Is it different for a photo shoot than for a natural bodybuilding show?

I have a balanced diet of protein and complex carbs. My diet is the same for bodybuilding and a photo shoot.

[ Q ] Which do you prefer to do modeling or natural bodybuilding? What are the pros and cons of each?

I prefer modeling now because of the money, and I am a college student. But I love competition and there is nothing like going on stage and showing everyone what you worked so hard to perfect. I'm sure in the future I will lean more toward bodybuilding because of my competitive nature, but if a lucrative and legitimate agency is interested in doing some work with me then I will consider continuing modeling.

[ Q ] With your busy schedule, how do you balance all of your priorities?

Well that is a hard question. I don't really know how I do it. It just seems to wok out. I schedule my day and prioritize my goals.

[ Q ] Do you have any major influences or sources of motivation?

My family and friends motivate me to keep going to see how far I can go with my career. My friends motivate me everyday to train hard and try my best at each show.

[ Q ] What advice would you have for an aspiring model?

Don't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. I was asked countless amounts of times to do stuff that I'd rather not do. If they don't like you for who you are, somebody else will. Be professional. Don't do anything you will regret later. Do research and seek out credible agencies and photographers.

[ Q ] What are your future plans? Where do you see yourself going in modeling and/or natural bodybuilding?

I want to graduate first and then worry about that. It is a hobby now, later... we'll see.

[ Q ] How can people contact you?

People can contact me at my e-mail which is

[ Q ] Thank you for your time Myles and good luck.

Thank you.