Body Transformation: Marine Amanda Ennett Wins The 2011 Military Challenge

Mother, wife, Marine - Amanda Ennett knows a challenge when she meets one. Which is why the 2011 Military Challenge was just another notch in her belt.

In 2004, at age 18, when other girls sign up for college classes or flirt with marriage, Amanda Ennett enlisted in the Marines. The California native spent the next five years in the corps. During two combat tours in Iraq, Amanda developed a passion for lifting weights.

She settled back in her California home as an inactive reservist. Amanda sought a new challenge in physique competitions. In 2009, she competed in her first NPC bikini show. She caught on quick, won her second show. Little did she know it, but she was actually two months pregnant with her second son. During her pregnancy, Amanda became AFAA certified in group fitness and taught Pilates and Yoga until the 8 1/2-months mark.

Amanda also lifted weights and walked on a regular basis until her delivery date. After the pregnancy, Amanda once again aimed for competition shape. She competed in her third show at 115 pounds and 16-percent body fat.

Now, a 26-year-old mother of three, Amanda loves lifting heavy with the big boys, food gawking on healthy recipe blogs, and reading as much fitness information as she can. She hopes to put all that knowledge into action in 2012 bikini competitions.

The Marines motivated Amanda to live up to the tagline: "The few, the proud, the Marines." She believes her husband, also a Marine, deserves more than an out-of-shape Plain Jane. She's driven, inspired and a little crazy about living fit!

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Amanda Ennett Amanda Ennett

Q & A With Amanda:

Q: Congratulations on winning the 2011 Military Challenge! What inspired you to enter the challenge?

I saw someone who was entering on Facebook and thought, "Why not! I have nothing to lose but love handles!"

Q: How surprised are you at the extent of your transformation?

I'm more amazed every day. I haven't stopped making progress, and I'm seeing new lines and cuts everyday. This is the best I've ever looked, which is cool because I had a baby a year ago! I was working out and eating well before he was conceived, though.

Q: You obviously stayed motivated throughout the contest. Any noteworthy or unique tips for our readers?

My family is a huge motivation, because we all live fit. However, a primary factor was my schedule. Every day, I wake up, get my children ready, take my eldest to school, and head straight to the gym. I get at least an hour to an hour and a half in before taking my youngest home for his nap. Our routine has become so solid and consistent that it's hard to break the habit without feeling off. I heard that it takes 28 days to create habit - gruel through it and do it!

Q: Were there any moments you wanted to give up? If so, how did you push through them and continue training?

I love training! I've never had a problem getting to the gym and dominating my workout. My hardest temptations are sweets. I have a huge sweet tooth and cave easily. I found that if I just give in, I can move on and get back on track easier than if I were to sit and think about resisting. Resistance, for me, is futile - and exhausting!

At the halfway mark, Amanda was already startin' to rock the house.

Q: What was the single hardest aspect of your transformation?

Definitely nutrition! But I know nutrition is key.

Q: Any helpful tips for readers who might be struggling with the same issue?

I cannot count calories. It makes me crazy and doesn't work. I think the best strategy, the one that sets you up for a lifestyle change, is to eat mindfully - always be aware of better choices. Don't restrict yourself, because again, it will drive you insane. I also found that if I eat a little off plan on the weekends, then I am less likely to stray throughout the week. Food prep and getting my family on board with my meals is also vital to long-term success.

Q: A lot of people are going to read this and think,
"Nah, I couldn't do this. Not me." Tell them why they're dead wrong.

Why not? Why not you? What do I have that is any different from anyone else? I've had two babies, one who brings home humongous bags of Halloween candy. I have a husband who loves to go out for delicious burgers and sushi. I have cellulite ... or at least I did until I worked like crazy to get rid of it. I have commitments that take up my precious time and energy. I have an unhealthy obsession with whipped cream, chocolate and Facebook. We all can do it - you just have to commit!

People need to realize that their body fat didn't appear overnight and it will not go away quickly. Building muscle takes time and effort. Don't procrastinate on your life and health because sickness and death will not procrastinate on you.

Q: Now that you've tackled this fitness goal, what's next? Want to get shredded like cheese, ripped like paper or climb Mount Olympus? Fight pirates? Build a fitness career, perhaps?

I would love to be on the cover of Oxygen Magazine. Or work a booth at the Arnold Classic. While I aspire to do fitness modeling, I will continue to build muscle and stay lean to be a role model for my friends, family and children. I want to help people! Currently, I'm going to school for Exercise Science and I hope to get an internship in Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab. I want to make America a healthier place!