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Bodies Of Work: Volume 1

Bodies of Work is a collection of 36 jaw-dropping, thought-provoking physique photos. Every body is beautiful. Get inspired to build your best.

Bodies of Work is a celebration. It's a jaw-dropping, thought-provoking collection of inspirational physiques. It showcases the hard work, dedication, and passion of 12 elite athletes. It highlights the beauty, power, and potential of the human body. It drives us to become our best selves.

Note: This gallery celebrates the beauty of the human form at its fittest. The shots are artistic but revealing, and may not be for everyone. Please scroll at your own discretion.

Greg Plitt

Greg Plitt is a MET-Rx athlete, former Army Ranger, and the world's top male fitness model.

You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin?

Jen Jewell

Jen Jewell is a Cellucor athlete, WBFF Fitness pro, writer, and personal trainer.

You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin?

Nicole Wilkins |

Nicole Wilkins is a MET-Rx athlete, IFBB Figure Olympia champion, and cover model.

You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin?

Craig Capurso

Craig Capurso is a Cellucor athlete, IFBB Physique pro, and 2012 BodySpace Spokesmodel.

You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin?

Kathleen Tesori

Kathleen Tesori is a athlete, cover model, and IFBB Figure pro.

You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin?

Nick Scott

Nick Scott is a MusclePharm athlete, champion powerlifter, and wheelchair bodybuilding champ.

You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin?

Lauren Abraham |

Lauren Abraham is a athlete, TV host, cover model, and board-sports athlete.

You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin?

Alissa Parker

Alissa Parker is an NPC Figure competitor, cover model, posing coach, and mother of two.

You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin?

Bobby Ashhurst |

Bobby Ashhurst is a Dymatize athlete, IFBB Physique competitor, and CrossFit competitor.

You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin?

Jenna Renee

Jenna Renee is a Dymatize athlete, fitness model, and personal trainer.

You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin?

Ryan Hughes

Ryan Hughes is a BSN athlete, IFBB Physique pro, cover model, and owner of HughesFit.

You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin?

Amanda Latona

Amanda Latona is a BSN athlete, IFBB Bikini competitor, and personal trainer.

You 'Mirin? You 'Mirin?

Special Thanks

Creative Director: Brian Kahn
Photography: LHGFX
Hair/Makeup: Holly J. Dean
Location: BodyFit - Las Vegas


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