Best Of Writers, Articles, Videos, Photos, & More!

The annual Site Awards showcase our best content features and community members. Check out the top writers, articles, videos, photos, and more from 2014!

Best Of Writers, Articles, Videos, Photos, & More!

A new year is upon us! Over the last week, we've been busy setting goals, firing up our fitness resolutions, and getting prepared to absolutely smash 2015. But before we surge forward at full speed, it's important to reflect on 2014 and recognize the year's achievements. At, that means it's time to sort through an astounding collection of content—articles, videos, transformations, BodySpace galleries, and more—and reveal our annual Site Awards!

Selecting our award winners is never an easy feat. We published nearly 2,000 new articles and transformations in 2014; released eight full-fledged, absolutely free video trainers; and shot dozens of video articles with great athletes and experts from around the globe. BodySpace, our free social fitness network, has grown by leaps and bounds, and our forums now boast nearly 120 million posts. In short, we released a lot of great content in 2014, and paring it down to 26 winners was one tough gig.

To determine our champs, we read through a veritable library of outstanding articles, gazed at galleries of seriously shredded fellas and amazingly fit ladies, consulted industry experts, scoured the forums, took a squat break, debated, gathered feedback, held a pull-up competition, ate pre-workout powder by the fistful, sprinted to exhaustion, and finally agreed on the following content and community choices.

Congratulations to our winners! If you disagree with any of our selections, or simply want to share your own 2014 favorites, post your thoughts in the comments section below!

2014 Community Winners

Male BodySpace Member of the Year

There may not be a more dedicated BodySpace member than athlete Zane Hadzick, who's been with our community since the beginning. Through thick and thin—and his own life-changing transformation—he's been here to motivate, inspire, and help others reach their full fitness potential.

Female BodySpace Member of the Year

At just 19 years old, Haven Schulz is already an influential fitness ambassador. Backed by her incredibly fit family, she spreads the fit life wherever she goes. Haven regularly tracks her workouts and posts inspirational training photos with her whole fam. She proves that fitness really is a family affair.

Male Gallery of the Year

If Joe Pitt has any relation to Brad Pitt, we can’t see it. Sure, Brad is a great-looking guy, but he doesn't have anything on this Aussie's epic level of swole! Pitt managed to stay impressively shredded throughout 2014, and he documented it all in his killer BodySpace gallery. Bravo, Joe!

Female Gallery of the Year

When we picture motivational BodySpace members, Tricia Ashley springs immediately to mind. She's been fighting a thyroid disorder and Hashimoto's disease, but she manages to overcome her difficulties to look and feel her best. Her unwavering faith and commitment are an inspiration to us all.

Forum Thread of the Year
Belts—A Comprehensive Guide

So, you want to lift some heavy-ass weight? Find the perfect lifting belt with Cmarti063's detailed guide. You'll learn what a belt does, how to use it effectively, and how to pick one that will work for you. Loaded with pictures of belts and user reviews, this thread will make your belt search a cinch!

Forum Member of the Year

NileKyle is best known for coding and supporting Forum Buddy, a Chrome browser extension that adds quote notification functionality to the forums through an instant newsfeed. He created the oft-requested extension with no promise of reward or notoriety, and he continues to make updates!


Male Writer of the Year
Noah Siegel

Noah "the Siege" Siegel isn't big on bullshit. His straight-shooting, no-nonsense approach has made him a favorite among our readers. You want to get big, ridiculously strong, and really jacked? The Siege won't just tell you how to do it; he'll straight-up push your ass in the right direction.

Female Writer of the Year
Kellie Davis

Kellie Davis walks the walk, talks the talk, and knows how to help other people do the same. This figure athlete turned powerlifter has the experience, background, and expertise to help anyone with their fitness goals. Whether you need tips on nutrition or how to boost your deadlift, Kellie has you covered.

Rookie Writer of the Year
Matthew Kadey, MS, RD

Matthew Kadey made the jump to online fitness last year, but he's been writing killer fitness journalism for nearly a decade. His best and worst food lists are among our most popular nutrition articles, and he always backs up his work with references to published research journals, not bro science. Eat it up!

Article of the Year
Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Bodybuilding

Do you even sleep, bro? You better. Obstructive sleep apnea disproportionately targets not only the obese, but also the heavily muscled—and anecdotal evidence suggests that it may have contributed to a number of premature deaths among strength athletes. Heed Bill Geiger's potentially lifesaving wake-up call for bodybuilders everywhere!

Trainer of the Year
Arnold's Blueprint Trainer

With over 20 million views and thousands of satisfied finishers, Arnold's Blueprint was the runaway hit of the year. It's based on Arnold's classic approach to training and nutrition, but it also features ample insight, stories, and commentary from the man himself. It's brutal, but it's incredibly worthwhile.

Women's Article of the Year
4 Reasons the Word "Toned" Needs to Die

Lifting eight-pound dumbbells isn't going to turn you into She-Man. In fact, it's not going to do much at all! Break free of the epidemic that is the word "toned" and learn the importance of lifting heavy and putting on serious muscle with this article from Cassie Smith. Get jacked, ladies!

Column of the Year
Ask the Muscle Prof

Jacob Wilson, PhD, CSCS, nabbed last year's Writer of the Year award, so consider this honor the cherry on top! Wilson's popular column neatly explains common and not-so-common training and nutrition topics, with applicable gym advice rooted in extensive lab research.

Workout Article of the Year
CT Fletcher's Armed Warfare

It starts with the clink of iron against iron, an evil laugh, and a familiar voice growling, "I am the motherfuckin' one." In his first video workout with, the "Superman from Compton" definitely didn't disappoint. Your only job is to keep repping and pray for mercy!

Celebrity Article of the Year
The Rock's Epic Journey to Hercules

For his role as Hercules, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson trained beyond the labels of "ripped actor" and "pro wrestler" and became something truly epic. He built the gritty, muscular body of a battle-tested demigod by pushing harder than ever before. Get the details from Andrew Vontz right here!

Pictorial of the Year
Bodies of Work Volume II

Our annual Bodies of Work gallery is a captivating look at the raw beauty, power, and potential of the human body. Our second edition showcases the hard work, dedication, and passion of 13 elite athletes. Scroll through their jaw-dropping photos and get inspired to build your best self!

Recipe Article of the Year
5 Healthy Summer Snacks

"Sun's out, guns out" may be your summer motto, but one thing no one wants "out" is a distended midsection. Meghan Kahnle's recipes delighted our taste buds while keeping the rest of our bodies lean and mean. Best of all, each recipe contained only four ingredients and took only five minutes to prepare.

Nutrition Article of the Year
The Benefits of Post-Workout Carbs

Various objections to consuming fast-digesting carbs post-workout have been raised by so-called gurus, but Jim Stoppani, PhD, debunks each one. In fact, he argues that if you're not hitting fast carbs after your workouts, you may be leaving gains on the gym floor. Get the scoop and get growing!

Supplement Article of the Year
Ask the Expert Panel: Protein Roundtable

Looking for in-depth information on protein and cutting-edge supplements? Look no further. Dr. Jacob "The Muscle Prof" Wilson and Dr. Robert Wildman talk protein quality, strategic intake, cutting-edge nutritional research, what's in their shaker bottles—and much, much more. Learn it and use it!

Motivation Article of the Year
Rewired Personality Test

James Grage's Rewired Trainer starts with a unique fitness test: a series of 20 incisive questions that will dial in your fitness personality type to help you get fit for life. We can't tell you how many times we heard from people saying, "I was skeptical, but it nailed me." What are you waiting for?

Fat-Loss Article of the Year
8 Fat-Loss Blunders

IFBB Physique pro Alex Carneiro taught us that we can sabotage our fat-loss efforts without even knowing it. To fast-track your fat loss and lose those extra pounds for good, you'd best take heed of Alex's training, nutrition, and lifestyle advice to avoid derailing all your hard work.

Video Article of the Year
Body by Jessie

You might think that fitness models and athletes have always considered the gym their second home, but you'd be wrong. Learn to channel your inner beast mode, understand the importance of tracking your progress, and join the shift from skinny to strong with Jessie Hilgenberg's motivational story!


Male Transformation of the Year
Half-Man Meltdown

The results Troy McLaughlin created for his life and body may constitute the most dramatic transformation we've seen over the years at Over a four-year stretch, Troy lost 315 pounds! His awe-inspiring story reminds us that it's never too late to make a change.

Female Transformation of the Year
From Baby Body to Hard Body!

Melody Wyatt was a cardio queen for many years, constantly chasing after her dream physique. After giving birth to her daughter, she crossed over an imaginary line in the gym and started to lift weights. She discovered a new excitement for training, and carved her dream body!

Amateur Bodybuilder of the Year
Daniel Trains Like a Pro

Daniel Noccioli has competed in both the WBFF and the NPC. He struggled for years to feel confident with is appearance, but bodybuilding finally helped him get comfortable in his own skin. His training group includes IFBB pro Evan Centopani, so we're confident that Daniel is on the way to great things!

Fitness Amateur of the Year
Melissa Harding Rocks a Hard Body

Melissa Harding has been in the weight room for eight years already, and she's only 24! When she chose to compete and intensify her training regimen, she ended up making it to the British National finals. Melissa competed five times last year, and this powerhouse shows no signs of stopping.

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