The 14 Best Transformations Of 2014!

Each year, we pore over thousands of jaw-dropping body transformations. These 14 are some of the year's absolute best. Read the stories and get inspired to change your life today!

The 14 Best Transformations Of 2014!

The people featured here are living, breathing proof that we have the ability to change our bodies and our lives. They are a testament to the incredible power of hard work, belief, and consistency. Each of these stories is different, but they have one thing in common: They are an inspiration.

Read these incredible transformation features, follow the fitness plans of each successful transformer, and begin your own transformation journey today. Each featured story includes that person's full workout, nutrition, and supplement guide, which you can use as a blueprint for your own success.

Get started today, and see how far you can go.

Troy McLaughlin

Before /// 525 lbs
After /// 210 lbs
AGE 21 / HEIGHT 5'10" / BODY FAT 50%
AGE 25 / HEIGHT 5'10" / BODY FAT 15%
Post To Fitboard

Troy straight-up completed one of the greatest transformations we've ever seen. At the peak of his heavy days, he tipped the scales at 525 pounds. When we featured him, he'd already cut 315 pounds off his frame! Troy proved that everyone can get fit if they're dedicated, driven, and willing to work.

See Troy's Transformation

Melody Wyatt

Before /// 135 lbs
After /// 105 lbs
AGE 23 / HEIGHT 5'5" / BODY FAT 23%
AGE 25 / HEIGHT 5'5" / BODY FAT 6%
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It was a big year for Melody! After she gave birth, she lost weight bouncing along as a cardio bunny, but it wasn't enough to deliver the physique she desired. When Melody dug her mitts into Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer, she finally got the results she wanted from fitness.

See Melody's Transformation

Brandon Petrasso

Before /// 315 lbs
After /// 195 lbs
AGE 17 / HEIGHT 5'11" / BODY FAT 41%
AGE 18 / HEIGHT 5'11" / BODY FAT 14%
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When Brandon no longer needed to get bigger for football, he decided to get smaller for adult life. He cut down 120 pounds by gaining control of his diet, and plans to never return to his former ways. Read his story and follow in his footsteps!

See Brandon's Transformation

Dominique Mitchell

Before /// 300 lbs
After /// 160 lbs
AGE 19 / HEIGHT 6'0" / BODY FAT 35%
AGE 22 / HEIGHT 6'0" / BODY FAT 5%
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At 300 pounds, Dominique's heart could barely handle his workouts, his back and shins hurt, and he was embarrassed. Consistent training changed everything. Dominique lost 140 pounds over three years, cut 30 percent body fat, and decided to compete in physique!

See Dominique's Transformation

Tate Confer

Before /// 215 lbs
After /// 165 lbs
AGE 17 / HEIGHT 6'0" / BODY FAT 22%
AGE 17 / HEIGHT 6'0" / BODY FAT 5%
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Tate was an overweight child who grew into an overweight teen. When he changed his ways, his whole family stood by him and helped in the quest. He trained every day and lost 40 pounds! Tate used to get there, and we're proud to be part of his story.

See Tate's Transformation

Margo Logan

Before /// 162 lbs
After /// 122 lbs
AGE 17 / HEIGHT 5'5" / BODY FAT 27%
AGE 19 / HEIGHT 5'5" / BODY FAT 11.7%
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Margo initially just wanted to fit into her prom dress, but her first dance with fitness led her to a new way of life. She eventually lost 30 pounds on her own, and now she's chasing her dreams as an NPC competitor.

See Margo's Transformation

Yalanda Baldon

Before /// 273 lbs
After /// 147 lbs
AGE 24 / HEIGHT 5'7" / BODY FAT 35%
AGE 29 / HEIGHT 5'7" / BODY FAT 8%
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Yalanda had always thought of herself as "heavy," but when she moved to Vegas and had her baby, she weighed nearly 300 pounds. That's when she decided enough was enough. Yolanda stepped out of her personal shadows and cut her weight in half. She gained confidence, and love for herself!

See Yalanda's Transformation

Sheryl Gatzke

Before /// 205 lbs
After /// 115 lbs
AGE 32 / HEIGHT 5'1" / BODY FAT 35%
AGE 37 / HEIGHT 5'1" / BODY FAT 14%
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Sheryl decided that, if she wanted to make changes in her life, she would have to make them public. gave her the platform to do it. She lost 90 pounds and set a positive example for her young children!

See Sheryl's Transformation

Lindsey Bond

Before /// 140 lbs
After /// 108 lbs
AGE 27 / HEIGHT 5'4" / BODY FAT 30%
AGE 28 / HEIGHT 5'4" / BODY FAT 10%
Post To Fitboard

After college, Lindsey settled into the easy life. But when she joined the Air National Guard, she was forced to regain her fitness level. Lindsey lost 32 pounds with the help of her husband, and discovered a true passion for training!

See Lindsey's Transformation

Eric Hicks

Before /// 316 lbs
After /// 185 lbs
AGE 35 / HEIGHT 5'10" / BODY FAT 32%
AGE 37 / HEIGHT 5'10" / BODY FAT 7%
Post To Fitboard

After leaving the Army, Eric was overweight and prediabetic, and needed to get his body back in order. He found some great coaches and pushed the gas pedal on his fitness ride. Eric lost more than 100 pounds and built the six-pack he desired!

See Eric's Transformation

Barb May

Before /// 172 lbs
After /// 126 lbs
AGE 32 / HEIGHT 5'5" / BODY FAT 33%
AGE 41 / HEIGHT 5'5" / BODY FAT 11%
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Barb had been a fitness competitor back in 1990, but after she had her children and went in and out of marriage, her body reached its heaviest point. After someunfortunate medical news, Barb decided to take control. See how she lost 46 pounds and 22 percent body fat!

See Barb's Transformation

Pat Ryan

Before /// 430 lbs
After /// 294 lbs
AGE 39 / HEIGHT 6'6" / BODY FAT 45%
AGE 42 / HEIGHT 6'6" / BODY FAT 15%
Post To Fitboard

Pat has killed it over the last three years! He lost 50 pounds in his first 9 months of training, and eventually lost almost 150 total. Since his transformation, he's gotten into professional wrestling and inspired his entire family to follow his fitness footsteps!

See Pat's Transformation

Jana Kovacovic

Before /// 144 lbs
After /// 117 lbs
AGE 34 / HEIGHT 5'4" / BODY FAT 30+%
AGE 37 / HEIGHT 5'4" / BODY FAT 10%
Post To Fitboard

As Jana put on weight, her colleagues took notice. She no longer felt comfortable in her own skin, and sought to change her physical dynamic. She put herself on a training protocol and got into incredible shape! Jana showed the whole world that it's never too late to change.

See Jana's Transformation

Troy Fox

Before /// 435 lbs
After /// 215 lbs
AGE 19 / HEIGHT 5'11" / BODY FAT 50+%
AGE 22 / HEIGHT 5'11" / BODY FAT 8.5%
Post To Fitboard

The human body is capable of great change. Troy lost 220 pounds over a three-year quest to get fit. Once he figured out his problems with food, his life improved significantly. Troy taught us that a transformation isn't just physical; the changes are emotional and mental, too.

See Troy's Transformation

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