Rewired Fitness Personality Test

What's your fitness personality type? Take this quick test to find out! Uncover your fitness hurdles, share with your friends, and get fit for life.

Rewired Fitness Personality Test
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You probably know your height, weight, body fat, 1RM, and the circumference of every muscle group you could figure out how wrap a tape measure around. But do you know your fitness personality type? After reviewing thousands of physical transformations, I've discovered that most people are a mix of four distinct fitness personalities: the Thinker, the Feeler, the Socializer, and the Provider.


"This is definitely me! I was a bit skeptical, however, this test actually stunned me."

Each of these personality types has unique strengths and weaknesses. Once you know your personal fitness mix, you can you can transform your weaknesses into strengths and surmount any hurdle.

Take this five-minute test, answer with your gut response, and see where you fit on the Rewired fitness scale. You'll receive a worksheet with specific tools to help you get fit for life.

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What Users Are Saying About The Test


"This is awesome! I love the personality test. It was 100 percent me. The days that I can't make it to the gym for whatever reason end up being the nights where I'm drinking wine and eating chocolate!"


"55 percent Thinker: pretty much dead on. My wife makes fun of me researching everything first and talking fitness nutrition. Great little test!"


"Don't know how you did it, but the test is 100% true in my case! I'm a Provider. Yes, it's a shame, but I often do put the happiness of others before myself. This program can be the start of a new me."


"This one was scary accurate! Awesome!"