Body Transformation: Melody Decena Wyatt Went From Baby Body To Hard Body!

Melody discovered the effectiveness of heavy lifting after giving birth to her daughter. See how she torched her baby fat and dominated her first competition in a ripped body!

Why I decided to transform

I was determined to get my body back after giving birth to my daughter, so I did the only thing I knew how to, which was to run and do calisthenic exercises that I acquired from Army physical training.

In the months following, I met the love of my life while on duty and we started going to the gym together. After we walked through the gym doors, we went our separate ways. He hit the weight room and I continued to be a cardio bunny, which helped me progressively shed the baby weight. After a while, I felt thin and got bored of the same treadmill routine.

When I saw Jamie Eason on, I became inspired and intrigued by the fitness world. I told my boyfriend that I want a body like Jamie's and he explained that I wouldn't get it on the treadmill.

I wanted to embark on a challenge that I'd never done. I desired to live my life with passion. I wanted to feel empowered and live a long, healthy life. I wanted to be an example of willpower to my daughter. I felt drawn in and excited. I knew this journey was meant to be, so I decided to run with it and gave it my all.

Before /// 135 lbs
After /// 105 lbs
AGE 23 / HEIGHT 5'5" / BODY FAT 23%
AGE 25 / HEIGHT 5'5" / BODY FAT 6%

How I accomplished my goals

I immersed myself in research. I was intrigued by the newfound lifestyle. The more knowledge I acquired the more motivated and determined I grew. I eliminated bread, sugars, alcohol, and fast food from my diet and started following Jamie Eason's meal plan.

Instead of spending time on the treadmill, I headed for the weights with my man. He encouraged me, motivated me, and opened my eyes to the benefits of lifting heavy. I discovered that the cleaner I ate and the harder I trained, the better my progress was.

Cool Fact

Cool Fact

As a food service specialist in the Army National Guard, Melody is
the only female in her unit that is airborne and air assault
qualified with record-breaking PT scores!

When I had a taste of what my body was capable of, I decided to compete, so I picked a show and committed to it. Taking that step gave me the drive to push myself even harder. I wanted to be the best on stage and I refused to look like a fool. Committing to a competition was one of the best decisions I ever made. It helped me develop and strengthen my discipline and willpower.

I look back and can't believe that I thought countless hours of cardio would help me obtain a dream body. I'm grateful that I realized the truth about heavy weights with a clean diet. I grew stronger physically and discovered that I have mental strength. I'm happier, healthier, and have something to strive towards.

What aspect challenged me the most

The nutrition took time to get used to. Once I adjusted to a routine eating and training schedule, it became second nature. In the beginning, I felt left out because I gave up going out to eat and partying, but I knew it was worth having abs over a beer belly.

I felt great about what I accomplished. I learned throughout my journey that it's mind over matter. You give up mentally before you give up physically.

Melody Wyatt
"I learned throughout my journey that it's mind over matter."

My future fitness plans

I'm working to become a certified trainer. I will use this knowledge to better understand how my body works and to educate and inspire others through my passion. I love spreading motivation. It's contagious. It pumps me up when friends, family, and followers say that I'm an inspiration. God gave me a gift to help others reach their goals. It's rewarding to see people become better versions of themselves.

Now that my feet are wet in the competition world, I'm absolutely hooked and cannot wait to continue competing. It gave me something to look forward to and work towards. It's only the beginning for me and my fitness endeavors.

Suggestions for aspiring transformers

Melody Wyatt
"Stand firm in your commitment and do this for your life and wellbeing."
  • Make a decision to commit and dedicate yourself to your goals.
  • You must make time to work out and eat well. Stop making excuses!
  • Be patient with your progress and dream big!
  • Don't let the negative thoughts or naysayers bring you down.
  • Stand firm in your commitment and do this for your life and wellbeing.
  • Find a gym buddy and utilize resources to stay motivated.
  • Whatever you believe about yourself on the inside is what will manifest on the outside.
  • Quit focusing on what you don't have and be grateful for what you do have.
  • Fear is a liar that will hold you back, so start believing in yourself!
  • Take weekly progress photos to stay motivated and track your progress.
  • The fitness formula is 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent smart training.

How helped me reach my goals was my initial inspiration to take this step. It's where I discovered Jamie Eason and Dana Linn Bailey, the two athletes who placed the fire in my heart to start eating clean and lifting heavier.

I initially thought it was just an online meathead supplement store, but I soon discovered BodySpace and realized it was an entire online support community of fitness fanatics. It's like having a fitness journal full of information tailored to your needs.

I was able to find example meal plans, recipes, and obtain knowledge on training and contest prep on here. It's impossible to fail when everything you need to know from A-Z is right there.

Melody's Top 5 Gym Tracks

Gym Tracks

  1. "Killin' It" by Krewella
  2. "Kyoto" by Skrillex
  3. "Unison (Knife Party Remix)" by Porter Robinson
  4. "Spitfire (Kill The Noise Remix)" by Porter Robinson
  5. "Metropolis" by David Guetta and Nicky Romero
  • To Thomas McFarland Photography in El Paso, Texas for competition photos.
  • To Aaron Downing Photography for fitness photos.
  • To Lonnie Jacquez for the awesome competition prep coaching and support.
  • To my amazing man, trainer, and partner, Abe Serna, for being by my side and inspiring me.
  • To Almighty God for blessing me with the strength to succeed.