6 Ski-Ready Supplements To Pack For The Slopes!

If you need a good laugh, throw a pair of skis on me and release me down the hill. Good news is, I'm not writing about my skiing abilities. I'll stick to making sure you have the best supplement choices for hitting the slopes.

If you need a good laugh, throw a pair of skis on me and release me down the hill. Not only will you get a good belly laugh out of it but you have a great opportunity to make some bets on what bones will get broken by the time I get to the bottom. Good news is, I'm not writing about my skiing abilities (or lack there of). For now, I'll stick to making sure you have your bags packed with good choices for prior to hitting the slopes, while on the slopes, and also when you get back to the lodge after a long day.

The products below will help enhance your performance on the slopes while also helping you recover after you end your day to make sure you are ready for the following day.

1 / RTDs

RTDs are a quick and easy way to get in the proper nutrients whether it's for before or after the skiing. Simply pack these drinks, throw them in the refrigerator when you get to the lodge so they are nice and cold, and then grab them when you need them.

Most are full of protein and have either low to moderate carbohydrates. A wise choice would be to pick one with at least moderate carbohydrates because you will definitely need those while on the slopes as well as after to help you recover and replace the glycogen used up.

Do You Prefer To Use RTDs Over Powders?

Yes I Like The Convenience.
No I Don't Mind Making My Shakes.
I Like Both Options.

2 / Protein Bars

Some people prefer to eat their calories versus drink them, so protein bars make a great option. Not only that, but if you know ahead of time that your room doesn't have a refrigerator, then this would come in handy. Again, look for a bar that is high in protein and has moderate carbohydrates so you can eat them prior to heading out for the day and also for when you get back to help you recover.

3 / MRPs

So you don't have time to fit in a quick meal, nor do you have a refrigerator in your room that you could have thrown a meal in. No big deal. Welcome to the world of meal replacements (MRPs). MRPs are generally higher in calories and carbohydrates compare to RTDs and protein bars (depending on the brand you purchase). These drinks generally come in packets that you tear open and dump in a shaker bottle or blender and mix. MRPs are known for being a little thicker than normal protein powders and therefore fill you up. These types of products are extremely convenient due to the fact that you don't have to carry around a 2-5 pound tub of protein wherever you go.

4 / Protein Powder

If you don't mind hauling around a tub of protein powder, this would be the most cost efficient choice compared to the three options above. These powders, however, are normally lower in carbohydrates, so the need of a carb source if using pre or post skiing would be necessary. This really isn't a big deal. You can always grab a piece of fruit from the lodge and eat that along with your shake. These powders come in all sorts of flavors to suit your taste.

5 / Energy Enhancers

Let's be honest, you want to be the first one up the slope to get the fresh powder that was laid down the night before, so you make sure you are up early. Lack of sleep or simply waking up earlier than normal can throw off your mind and body. With that being said, a supplement to help boost your energy levels and mental focus would be a great option to have prior to plopping down on the lift. Whether you grab a supplement that contains caffeine or something more along the lines of B-vitamins is all personal preference. If high dosages of caffeine give you the jitters or make you crash, then try a more natural approach with the B-vitamins or a similar product. There are energy drinks, pills and powders available just about anywhere you go, so finding one won't be difficult.

Be cautious though, there are many energy drinks that are loaded with unnecessary sugars that you want to stay away from at all costs (not to mention energy drinks are on the expensive side due to their convenience). If price is a concern, caffeine pills are very inexpensive and one that many people turn to in order to enhance energy levels.

6 / BCAAs

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) I am happy to say are finally being discovered by many fitness enthusiasts and athletes for their recovery benefits. Not only can you take this before you go skiing, but you can take them on the slope to help recover faster and keep you on the slope longer, but it can also be used post skiing to kickstart the recovery process to allow you to head back out the following day. BCAAs can be found in powder form or pill form. Both are equally as effective, it just comes down to personal preference on which version you prefer taking.


So if you're headed out this winter on a skiing trip, don't leave home without the above mentioned supplements. They will all make a critical difference in how much energy you have and how quickly you recover from each run.