30-Minute Muscle: Bigger Arms In 6 Moves

Get arms that have size, shape, and definition without having to spend more time in the gym than you need. Sow 30 minutes of work, and reap the reward of bigger, better arms!

I have a fascination with practical strength. Many have called me a purist, which is probably due to the loving relationship I have with my power rack and how I snuggle my Atlas stones at night.

I also enjoy working with people and teaching them that there's more to muscle than aesthetics. However, I tend to run into the same problem that Bob Hoffman did: Even though bodybuilding as a sport had yet to emerge, his Olympic weightlifters were obsessed with the size and shape of their arms. Instead of fighting the biceps and triceps mania, I've decided to embrace it.

Because of the different origins, attachment points, and lengths of the biceps and triceps, you can separately emphasize each head by changing the position of your arms or the rotation of your wrists.

And because your arms are heavily recruited during other upper-body work, you only need a small amount of specialization to turn those shapeless lumps into chiseled man-hammers.

Half-Hour of Power Arms Workout

During this program, you'll learn how to utilize a variety of techniques to develop full and balanced arms. You'll do three pairs of exercises, supersetting a triceps movement with a biceps movement.

You'll start with some heavy strength work and transition into a higher rep range for hypertrophy. This workout may not take long, but you'll get all the emphasis you need to add size and shape to your biceps and triceps.