Wide, ripped, thick, and freaky-strong is how most fit fanatics would describe their dream back. A super V-taper that makes your waist look tiny is priceless, but it's no easy feat! The back is a large body part, so it requires a lot of energy, intensity, and proper planning to build a routine that generates great results. Luckily, I'm a master planner.

So many different movements can build your back. Barbell rows, cable rows, deadlifts, and chin-ups come to mind, and that's just scratching the surface. Where do you start, and what do you prioritize? This article will detail five top-notch back exercises you don't want to miss. Mix them into your routine to switch things up and keep your muscles guessing!

Look Back

Before you hit the gym and attack your back, you need to know the muscles you are targeting. Let's check out the functions of the major muscle groups of the back: the latissimus dorsi, trapezius, erector spinae, teres major, and rhomboids.

Muscle and Function

Muscle: Latissimus Dorsi, a.k.a. "lats" Function: Pull the arm down toward pelvis; pull body up toward arm

Muscle: Trapezius, a.k.a. "traps" Function: Scapular elevation, adduction, and depression

Muscle: Erector Spinae Function: Extend and support spine

Muscle: Teres Major Function: Move humerus posteriorly

Muscle: Rhomboids Function: Bring scapula toward spinal column

Must-Do Movements

1. Chin-Up 21s

Transform your basic chins into super chins that force your back to grow! The 21s technique will increase your muscles' time under tension while targeting three different ranges of motion.

This creates a fuller and wider V-taper by developing the lats as well as the overall back musculature. Use a pronated (overhand) grip to target more lats and less biceps.