Softball Performance


Marc Dagenais of has an exceptional combination of softball coaching expertise and strength and conditioning knowledge . He has intimate knowledge of what it takes to develop and maintain a high level of performance in athletes while avoiding injuries that can impair or even end a career. He specializes in the training of elite female athletes, softball-specific conditioning and core training. has worked with numerous elite amateur, college and professional athletes and has been coaching women's competitive fastpitch softball for over 14 years. He presently serves as an Assistant Coach for the Canadian Women's National Team program. He also teaches and trains sports coaches and fitness professionals. He has been a three-time finalist for Quebec's "Coach of the Year" Award and has served three years as an Assistant Softball Coach at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C.


  • Ph.D. in Kinesiology (Sports Psychology), McGill University (in progress)
  • Master of Human Kinetics, Coaching Sciences, University of British Columbia
  • Bachelor of Science, Physical Education, University of Montreal
  • Diploma in High Performance Coaching, National Coaching Institute - Vancouver, BC
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.)

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    What are muscle fibers and what are their roles in your body, what are the different types of energy production and all about your cardiovascular and respiratory system...

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    Most fitness and training facilities now have stability balls, foam rolls, balance boards and other fun toys as part of their conditioning equipment. These are part of a new trend in the strength and conditioning field called functional training.

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    Proper sleeping habits must be install to ensure an optimal functioning of our student-athletes. Do not neglect the power of sleep on the performance of your player.

  • Sleep Deprivation In Softball - Part Two.

    Softball being such a mental game where alertness, judgement and reaction time are critical, softball athletes can't afford to build large sleep debts without suffering the consequences on the field. Improve the quality of sleep of your student-athletes.

  • Sleep Deprivation In Softball.

    The consequences of a chronic sleep debt on performance, mood, energy levels, cognitive abilities and overall psychological and physical well-being are major. Learn why in this 4-part series!

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  • Sleep Deprivation And Performance

    Sleep deprivation was recently found to interfere with glucose metabolism, which could impair endurance performance and recovery. Coaches have long believed and advocated getting adequate sleep for optimal athletic performance. Learn why!

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    Anyone who has traveled between time zones can tell you that air travel can wreak havoc with your internal clock and dramatically decrease your energy level. Learn why it happens and how to help prevent it!

  • What Is Specific To Softball?

    To really improve their game, athletes must train with a specific plan. The training programs that bodybuilders follow will provide very little results. Once again, the principle of specificity is the golden rule.

  • Neuromuscular Conditioning.

    After studying athletes for many years it really relates to life. In order to create ideas, flood the brain with lots of information about the sport or subject. The idea is to give the brain a lot of information relative to volleyball. Learn why ...

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    Medicine balls are a great way to improve your speed and agility and so is weight training. It appears that the use of higher weight may outweigh the benefits of specificity of training in this case. Learn why!

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  • An Introduction To Plyometrics.

    For many years coaches and athletes have sought to improve power in order to enhance performance. Learn why and how it can help YOU!

  • Sodium Needs For Athletes

    Athletes must consider that due to their increased activity and excessive sweat production, they are actually at risk of having too little sodium in their blood stream during training and competition.

  • Six Sports Injury Warning Signs!

    While some sports injuries are immediately evident, others can creep up slowly and progressively get worse. If you don't pay attention to both types of injuries, chronic problems can develop. Learn how to treat and prevent your injuries!