NFL Game Day 2012: Get Off Your Tailgate

Watch NFL games during the week; play on the weekends. Leave the stadium seats and hit the field with NFL-caliber workouts, nutrition, and recovery techniques.

Is football your religion? Do you know the plays before the defense does? Did you find yourself shouting "I could do that!" at the TV during week one? (OK, maybe that was at the replacement refs, but still.)

Then it's time to put your body where your mouth is. To dominate on the weekend, you have to live the gridiron from the breakfast table to the massage table, with all the wind-sprints you can stomach in between. If you're a player, or just a serious fan, then train, eat, run, and recover like the big boys!

Your Touchdown Training Plan

Watch ball during the week; play on the weekend! Take the fantasy out of football and play your best with these training tips for amateur competitors.

Eat For Maximum Athletic Perfomance

Are you in the game rather than watching it on television? Then nachos and wings aren't going to cut it. Learn how to fuel up, and you'll last longer and play stronger.

NFL Training: Gronk'd

There's a new verb in the NFL lexicon, courtesy of Patriots all-pro tight end Rob Gronkowski and his brothers.

High-Tech Training Recovery

From hyperbaric chambers, to infrared saunas, to vibrating foam rollers, meet the latest and greatest recovery tools in NFL players' arsenals.

Anatomy Of An Injury: ACL - Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear

Learn how the ACL functions, and how proper weight training can protect and rehabilitate the knee.

5 Tips To Run Like A Pro

Speed rewards athletes with full-ride scholarships and big-time paydays. Some are born with it; others have to earn it. Use these tips to get there faster!

Follow The Ray Lewis Workout

The Baltimore Ravens middle linebacker dishes out punishment like fresh bread at a soup festival. If you wonder why the 16-year veteran is still going strong, check out this workout.

Bonus Content

NFL Combine Trainer teams with Bommarito Performance Systems to create the ultimate NFL training guide for any athlete.

Clay Matthews: The Predator

What happens when you combine flawless football genetics with a walk-on's relentless work ethic? Clay Matthews, the NFL's best linebacker.

Steve Weatherford: Punter Power

Want to train like a football player? NFL veteran Steve Weatherford shows you why punters make great role models.

Texans Wide Receiver Andre Johnson

Get power and explosiveness with the same off-season regimen that Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson uses to get ready for game time.