Obviously, improving your 40-yard dash is one of the best things you can do to improve your performance in almost any sport. The workout program below will help you get faster in record time!

Warm Up!

Keep in mind that you warm up to stretch, not stretch to warm up!

  • 2 laps of the oval (slow jog) Static stretches are held for 10-30sec each

Drills (technique/form)

When performing all the drills, keep these areas in mind!

  1. Body lean comes from the ground not the waist (don't bend forward from the hips)
  2. Don't run on your toes (the toes have NO power or stability) push from the balls of your feet
  3. Practice loose swinging arm action (don't tense up)!


  • 2-3 x 20 meters (each): Walking high knees Running high knees Skip Straight legged bounds Claw backs Viper drills (fast feet through a latter) one foot contact per square

Plyometrics (power)

  • 2-3 x 20-30 meters (each): Double leg hops (over cones) Zig Zag hops (one legged lateral bounds) Alt Leg running bounds (up stairs)

Speed Conditioning

  • 5 x 10 meters @ 100% (4 point start) walk back recovery/5min rest between each set 5 x 20 meters @ 100% (3 point start) 5 x 40 meters @ 100% (3 point start) 2-3 flying 30 meters @ 100% for acceleration (built up over 20m and at max for 30m)

Cool Down

  • 2 laps - stretching

Pat Vescio is a strength coach who can be reached at quickstartpt@hotmail.com

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