12-Week Daily Bulking Trainer - Wednesday, Week 2: Choosing The Right Foods - Protein Sources!

Here is your 12-Week Daily Bulking Trainer! Today we'll be covering choosing the right protein sources.
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Bodybuilding.com presents your 12-Week Daily Bulking Trainer! Day by day, we'll help you build lean mass and forge a ripped, defined physique. You'll learn about setting goals, training for extreme muscle growth, following a proper nutrition plan, bulking supplementation, and staying motivated. All the knowledge you need to succeed is at your fingertips.

12-week daily bulking trainer Week 2: Day 8
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Choosing The Right Foods - Protein Sources!


You'll need to do 30 minutes of cardio today.

Amino Acids & Muscle Growth

Protein that comes from food sources is a vital part of your diet. Protein is made up of amino acids which your body uses to rebuild muscle. When you workout you cause trauma to your muscle fibers, and you can only build muscle when your body repairs those torn muscle fibers. Without a sufficient amount of protein in your diet, you won't recover from your workout and you won't make any progress during your 12 week bulking period.

Good Protein Sources
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