To The Extreme: 10 Insane Body Transformations

These people took extreme measures to build the physique of their dreams. They overcame insurmountable odds to take hold of their lives. Now they want to share their stories with you!

Impressive transformations appear on every day. The rest of us draw inspiration from those who have made such sacrifices to reshape their bodies and change their lives. More than any other content, these stories embody our mission as a company: to change lives.

If transformation stories are about standing apart from the burgers-and-fries crowd, some transformations stand out from the other transformations. Often, the before-and-after photos look like two entirely different people. They elicit double takes, triple-takes, and total admiration. How the heck did they do that? We wonder and marvel.

Here are 10 such jaw-dropping stories, our best transformations so far in 2012. What's more, they're here to tell you exactly "how they did that," so you can change too.

Men ///

1 /
Javier Hernandez: Dis This!

Javier Hernandez Javier Hernandez

Nobody gave him a chance—not even his ex-girlfriend. So, Javier went on the offensive, lost 120 pounds, and shut yaps every step of the way. Now, he says thanks to the doubters!

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2 /
Roland Varadi: Half The Man

Roland Varadi Roland Varadi

Roland tried to lose weight before, to no avail. This time was different. Through his exercise surges, he lost 160 pounds (his current weight!). See how he shed half a man!

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Jordan Grahm: Losing The Big Win

Jordan Grahm Jordan Grahm

Jordan dropped 160 pounds! That's like the end of a life-long piggy back ride. See how he found a way to live with his new self!

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Dan Michno: Wrestling With Obesity

Daniel Michno Daniel Michno

Daniel grew up to be a huge man, but set out to change. He hit the treadmill and hit the road. Even being struck by a car couldn't stop him from reaching his destination.

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5 /
Gary Brunner: Power Plan

Gary Brunner Gary Brunner

Three years ago, Gary's life spiralled out of control. His family life was in shambles and his body was deteriorating from the inside out. See how he found the on-ramp to the fit freeway!

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6 /
Gregory Allen: Take That, Haters!

Poor diet choices had Gregory on the fast track to type 2 diabetes and other health problems. He chose to get on a new path.

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Women ///

7 /
Elizabeth McKinney Hill: Queen Of The Hill

Elizabeth McKinney Hill Elizabeth McKinney Hill

Obstacles motivated and challenged Elizabeth every day to transform. She picked up her training speed to look sexy for her husband overseas and sought inspiration from every fitness spectrum!

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8 /
Kelsey Byers: A Model Transformation

Kelsey Byers Kelsey Byers

Kelsey's wake-up call was seeing "175" staring back at her from the scale. First, she cleaned up her diet. Then, she lost the weight. Now, she is a physique competitor and fitness model!

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Camille Robbins: Camille Shed The 'Senior 80'

Camille made poor diet choices as a stressed-out college senior. The excess pounds began to mount. That's when she decided to take action.

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10 /
Michelle Karch: Michelle Ditched Her Harmful Addictions

Michelle Karch Michelle Karch

Michelle swam in a deluge of drugs and alcohol to keep up with the "in" crowd. When she broke free from her self-loathing, she lost 100 pounds and stepped on stage!