Body Transformation: Losing The Big Win

Jordan dropped 160 pounds! That’s like the end of a life-long piggy back ride. See how he found a way to live with his new self!

Name: Jordan Grahm
BodySpace: tanikr32

Jordan Grahm Jordan Grahm
AGE 21
380 lbs
AGE 23
220 lbs

Why I Got Started

All of my life I was overweight. For many years I struggled to control my problem with food. In high school, at 13 years-old, 5'9″ and 290 lbs, I played football as a lineman. Football training was getting me in better shape.

Unfortunately I fell off track two weeks before my 15th birthday when my mother suddenly passed away. The trauma of that event led me down an emotional and physical spiral which resulted in my becoming morbidly obese. In late 2007, at nearly 400lbs, I was maxing out XXXXL shirts and size 48 pants.

Jordan didn't die; instead, he kills it in the gym!

March of 2008 I was in a bad car accident which left me with a grade 2 tear in my shoulder's AC joint. This car crash was the catalyst that turned my life around. I decided that I needed to transform my life completely and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Numerous doctors told me at first I would need surgery or would die; I told them that I will do the hard work myself.

How I Did It

I started eating smaller, more protein-packed meals and also started walking on a hill with my dog starting with 1 mile. Slow but steady and full of determination. I started bringing the distance and the pace up of my walks, they became jogs then runs, and even uphill sprints.

After losing about 100lbs, in August 2009, I decided to join a gym and start working out in order to lose more weight and get stronger and leaner. I seriously needed to gain some muscle mass. I started out having trouble bench pressing the 45lb bar due to my shoulder injury and was completely unable to do a pushup.

Now my lifts have all gone up quite nicely (see my BodySpace) and I am able to perform 30 pushups in 30 seconds. Working hard in the gym as well as the kitchen I was able to drop a total of over 160lbs.

I completely changed gears professionally and now I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer based in Los Angeles working with others helping them to reach their fitness goals.

NASM Personal Trainer and certified fire jumper!

Suggestions For Others

Constantly ask yourself "how badly do I want it?" and focus in on the long-term goal. Instead of thinking of transforming your body as a quick process, think of it as a lifestyle change that will last with you many years to come.

Set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timed (SMART) to keep yourself on track and accountable. For many people hiring a good trainer is a key to helping them to get into the best shape of their lives.

Becoming a member of BodySpace is also a very important tool where you can network with others, keep track of your progress, get motivated and do tons of sharing and learning.

There is unlimited potential in each and every one of us and we must keep working hard to unlock it. No matter what obstacles stand before us, there are always ways to prevail. Never surrender, never quit, and always keep pushing forward.

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