Body Transformation: Half The Man

Roland tried on numerous occasions to drop weight. Through his exercise surges, he lost 160 pounds (his current weight!). See how he shed half a man!

Name: Roland Varadi
BodySpace: RolandWestlake

Roland Varadi Roland Varadi
AGE 23
324 lbs
AGE 27
161 lbs

Why I Got Started

All my life I wanted to look like my biggest heroes from my childhood, whether it was people or just fantasy characters.

When I was a kid, because of some kind of medicinal allergy, I got very fat. That can be a really strong stamp in elementary school and also could be a reason to become extremely depressed. After that nightmare, I got into and started to enjoy sports.

As the center player of the basketball team in school I finally got into the shape I'd been waiting for a long time. Then I joined a handball team, and like most kids, I loved my bicycle as well.

In my high school years my habits caught up with me and again I turned to a typical unhealthy lifestyle. After the raves on Friday and Saturday night I'd spend at least half an hour in the kitchen before I went to bed.

Almost all of us know that after a good party, if you would like to have something to eat, fruit is definitely not the one you want to go for.

After a couple years I'd transformed into a totally different person at all levels. When I was 23-years old, I was 147 kg which is around 324 pounds.

I've been depressed. In February 2008 I was standing in front of the mirror, facing everything I never wanted to be. The following day, I decided to get a new view of life.

How I Did It

With 324 pounds on me, even walking at normal speed could be a real challenge so I had to figure out the first steps carefully. I had no money to invest to get advice from a dietician and I had no idea about the whole way to be successful.

All I knew was I had to change my lifestyle step by step. I started with a normal low-calorie diet with loads of vegetables and chicken breast. After a half year I'd found what my body needed for the serious transformation. In that period I lost my first 44 pounds.

This shows how important diet is to reach your dream body. After that I've bought a universal gym machine and started to do basic workouts out on it.

To incinerate half your body weight, you need eyes as intense as his.

After a year, in total I lost 87 pounds. Then I stopped for almost a year because I thought it was enough. I thought to myself "I'm powerful and I've got my self-confidence back." Then I joined a boxing team which totally changed my opinion about serious results. Within a year I'd lost another 22.5 pounds.

I started to live in London in June 2010 and because I had to work a lot I had no time to go to a gym. So, I started to do exercises at home. I'd use every possible minute to do some push-ups or sit-ups. Then in August 2011 I once again got addicted to serious workouts.

Now I am 73 kg. That is 160.9 pounds! I am in the best shape ever and I've never been stronger in my all life.

Suggestions For Others

The hardest part is to start it, but it only takes a couple days to get into the right habit. Do not give up. The feeling after an hour-long hard workout is unbelievable.

Your brain will push up your endorphin and adrenaline levels, and give you a kind of euphoria and make you feel powerful like never before. More importantly your body, with every single minute of that painful nirvana, will start to transform into the shape you always dreamed about.

All of us have that dream. The human body is naturally strong and muscular, and designed for hard work. To show it to the world you have to get rid of the cover that you got from an unnatural and unhealthy modern lifestyle.

There is no miracle out there, that's in you already. Find the right motivation to use it. Work hard for your dream and everyone will dream about you.

Photogaphic Credit:
Attila Hajdu
Shot at Fitness For Less, Watford, Hertfordshire UK