Rick Johnson Shed 45 Pounds And Toned His Body.

Rick took control of his life by taking control of his diet and training regimen. Read on to see how he found the perfect balance to sculpt his body.

Vital Stats

Name: Rick Johnson

Bodyspace: tatteredsaint

Rick Johnson Rick Johnson


211 lbs
Body Fat:


176 lbs
Body Fat:

Why I Got Started

I was never a real big guy and I lived in a pretty bad neighborhood so I originally decided to start training for improvements in martial arts. My dad was into bodybuilding and I remember how great I thought it was that he looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger compared to everyone else's parents. So at 14 years old I got my first bench and my first issue of Muscular Development and I've been hooked ever since.

I had times in my life that I was in a lot of trouble and things were rough but the iron always brought me back. I have been consistent for several years now and at the beginning of this a few years ago I was going through rough times, once I got back in the gym my confidence grew and I started accomplishing things that I felt I couldn't before.

I went back to school and am now an honor society student at Marshall University and I gained full custody of my daughter. I guess considering the path that bodybuilding pulled me away from I owe my life to it, who knows where I would be without it.

Once I Got Back In The Gym My Confidence Grew And I Started Accomplishing Things That I Felt I Couldn't Before
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Once I Got Back In The Gym My Confidence Grew And I Started Accomplishing Things That I Felt I Couldn't Before.

The iron has been good to me and I am known as a strong pound-for-pound guy, but strength and training are only part of the puzzle and I have recently come to realize it. I have been a member of the Bodybuilding.com forums for several years I am currently a rep for Betancourt Nutrition.

I enjoy running logs and workout journals on here it has kept me motivated and more consistent than ever before because I know if I don't post my workout there are people watching my logs that will tell me I'm slackin.' At the beginning of this year shortly after the holidays I had to take before pics for a sponsored supplement log and once I saw my pics up I knew something had to change immediately.

I looked terrible, I had let my diet go way too long and really hadn't noticed how tubby I had gotten. The thing was, yeah, I workout 5-6 days per week, but I was training like a powerlifter, I wasn't doing cardio, and my diet wasn't what it needed to be. I knew one thing was for sure I was not happy with the image I saw in those pics, I was truly disgusted with myself.

The Iron Has Been Good To Me And I Am Known As A Very Strong Pound For Pound Guy.
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The Iron Has Been Good To Me And I Am Known As
A Very Strong Pound For Pound Guy.

How I Did It

I used to use the standard methods and fad diets I have probably done them all mostly by altering my carb intake. Now I have a different approach on dieting. In order to be successful in changing your body you have to make a lifestyle change and it has to be something you can live with and do for the rest of your days or you eventually go back to square one.

Many of the dieting methods out there are destructive on the muscle tissue we work so hard to create and I personally want to keep every ounce I can when it comes to lean mass. People tend to immediately completely shut out the carbs and fats but in reality your body needs these things in order to function properly. Carbs and fats are not the enemy, portion and timing is what is truly important.

So here's what I did: I split my food into 6 smaller meals which are balanced with each having at least 30g of protein 15g carbs ( from either sweet potato, grapefruit, Ezekiel bread, brown rice or oats) and 10g of healthy fats and plenty of fibrous veggies. My macros on my meals do vary slightly with different protein/carb sources. By balancing your diet it slows and limits the amount of insulin spike in your body which in turn avoids giving me the bloated look.

In Order To Be Successful In Changing Your Body You Have To Make A Lifestyle Change
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In Order To Be Successful In Changing Your Body You
Have To Make A Lifestyle Change.

My normal day to day diet may be a bit similar to a diabetic's meal plan. But with all that being said there is a time and place for manipulating carbs. I do have one day per week that I take in a large carb meal and ramp up my calories a little in order to ramp my metabolism up, then I typically lower my carb intake slightly on my day off.

A year ago I would've never believed this would work but it does and I am living proof. My old saying used to be that I can only be fat and strong or skinny and weak but that is no longer true since using this plan I have broken two gym strength records at the university I attend: wide-grip pull-ups with 33 reps, and the leg press record with 1608x1.

My training methods have also changed with the knowledge I have gained about supplementation and proper lifting here on the forums. I now typically focus more on tight form slow movements and mind muscle connection. I have made more gains since I swallowed my pride, quit throwing weight around with bad form and dangerous lifts.

I believe there comes a time where you have to decide if you want to do a one rep max with poor form and build your ego and possibly injure yourself or would you rather do it right take your time and build some lean mass.

A Year Ago I Would've Never Believed This Would Work But It Does And I Am Living Proof
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A Year Ago I Would've Never Believed This Would
Work But It Does And I Am Living Proof.


Upon Waking:

Post Workout:

Before Bed:

Between Meals/Throughout The Day:


Meal 1:

Meal 3:

Meal 4:

Meal 5:

Meal 6:

All my carb sources are from vegetables, fruit and whole grains. I limit my saturated fats and what fats I do take in come from fish oil, sesamin, olive oil, and almonds or almond butter.

I also make sure I take in 250-300g of protein a day from lean whole food sources and some of the supplements I use.


My training methods vary but this is my favorite workout schedule. I use extremely tight form with slow movements and long negatives. I also use pauses and static hangs to take the momentum out of movements.

I alternate light weight high intensity weeks of 12-15 reps for shape with heavier 5-8 rep weeks for strength and size I believe with this method I get the best of both worlds.

My training weeks vary in weight/reps for example:

    • On Week 1: I will go heavy for strength and do 5-8 reps per set as heavy as I can go with good form on all movements heavy lifts take a bit more recovery so I usually take 1 min rest between sets.

    • On Week 2: light weeks I will go for 12-15 reps and superset everything it will become apparent on how the supersets would go by looking at my workouts.

    • On Week 3: repeat week 1 and so on.

Cardio: Just about everyone hates it but it is definitely a necessary evil so we have to do it. My cardio schedule is mostly LISS (low intensity steady state) with 1 HIIT session.

A lot of people disagree with LISS training but I feel it is ideal for post workout since it doesn't deplete the body as much as high intensity cardio but I still have a day that I do nothing but high intensity.

As stated above rep range depends on whether I am on a high intensity week 12-15 reps or a high weight week 5-8 reps

Day 1: Arms

Day 2: Obliques/Calves/Cardio

Day 3: Delts/Lats/Traps

Lat Pulldowns Triset (I use several different handles for this to hit specific areas):

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: Legs

Cardio is optional on leg day depending on whether I can handle it. Sometimes I lift in the morning then go back for cardio when I have recharged, regardless this is definitely a LISS day.

Day 6: Chest/Upper Back

On chest days aside from alternating rep range and weight I alternate dumbbell and barbell presses every few weeks.

Seated Cable Rows Triset (multiple handles used):

  • Underhand grip: 2 sets of 8-15 reps
  • Wide Grip: 2 sets of 8-15 reps
  • Close Grip: 2 sets of 8-15 reps

Dumbbell Flyes Triset:

Day 7: HIIT/Abs

Suggestions For Others

If there is one thing I've learned in training is never give up on your goals and be patient. The person who reaches the light at the end of the tunnel is the one that still pushes forward when things look bleak.

Determination is the most important word in the vocabulary of someone fighting to make a change, stay hungry and stop at nothing to reach your goals.