Personal Trainer Of The Month - Ashley Borden.

Congratulations Ashley Borden! Ashley was chosen as the Personal Trainer of the Month because of her success & dedication to improve the lives of so many!

Ashley Borden is a fitness and lifestyle consultant to some of Hollywood's most recognizable faces and world class athletes. Her unique approach to fitness can be attributed to having tackled her own personal struggles, transforming them into a positive philosophy and dynamic training program - making her one of the most sought-after experts in her field.

Clients have included: Christina Aguilera, Chaka Khan, Mandy Moore, Sean Hayes, Tori Spelling, Poppy Montgomery, Sydney Poitier, Lauren Graham. Most recently, she is part of 9-time UFC champion, Matt Hughes' team in preparation for his upcoming fight December 29th.

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Mandy Moore And Ashley Borden.

Vital Stats

Age: 36

    National Health Club Association
    L.I.S.T Master Trainer
    NIKE Fitness Professional
Location: West Hollywood, Corona Del Mar, CA
Contact Info:
# Of Clients: 40 on a rotating basis, not including online clients.
Rates: start $225 an hour in the gym, starting at $300 per hour in-home.


[ Q ] When and why did you become a trainer?

[ Q ] What is your training style? What methods do you use?

    [ A ] I am a Master Trainer in a system called L.I.S.T. (List Integrated Systematic Training)

      "It combines the elements of strength training, yoga, Pilates and the fundamental principles of biomechanics with stabilization focus on the core, spine, hips, scapula and other joints. The L.I.S.T. System is designed to integrate, synchronize and increase whole body function, while producing a vigorous mental attitude."

Ashley Borden
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I Am A Master Trainer In A System Called L.I.S.T.

    I also teach each client self Myofacial Release for their entire body... not only does it heal the body, but the physical changes are undeniable.

[ Q ] Do you have examples of success stories from clients using your methods? Any celebrity clients?

    [ A ] Because I combine Food, Training and Cardio (using each persons target heart rate from 70%-80%). My clients and I are able to produce results within the first 2 weeks. For a list of testimonials from some of my clients, you can go to

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Max Heart Rate
70-80% Heart Rate

[ Q ] What are the most common mistakes a newbie makes?

    [ A ] Not having realistic goals based on their time table.

Ashley Borden
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Ashley Borden.

[ Q ] What is your approach to nutrition? Do you set your clients up with a full diet plan?

    [ A ] I am NOT a R.D or a nutritionist... I will always consult my team if I have a special needs case, or a sports specific athlete with different nutritional needs than an average person.

    I created my S.O.S. Food Plan for people like myself who need a LIFE FOOD PLAN! I believe in living a Lean, Livable, Lifestyle(tm) and the S.O.S. Food Plan (as featured in my new book Your Perfect Fit McGraw-Hill) gives exactly those guidelines.

Ashley Borden
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Your Perfect Fit.

[ Q ] How do you keep your clients motivated?

    [ A ] Bimonthly measurements, front, side and back photos, and I have my clients journal so they can see IN THEIR OWN HANDWRITING, how great they feel when they are training and eating right.

[ Q ] What is the average training length of a client?

    [ A ] 3-4 years.

[ Q ] How have you changed your approach to clients over the years of experience?

    [ A ] YES! I have learned so much in the past 10 years I am a totally different trainer. I am always learning. I LOVE my job and it never gets old.

Ashley Borden Ashley Borden
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Ashley Appearing In Magazine Workouts.

[ Q ] How do you start a client on a new program? Do you do some kind of assessment?

    [ A ] The first thing I do is look at my client's feet with their shoes and socks off so I can assess their arches. The feet are the foundation of the body, and will dictate how the rest of the body stacks up. I also have them bring in 3 days of a food log so I can see their food and energy patterns.

[ Q ] Do you prefer to train male or female clients and why?

    [ A ] I love training everyone... from athletes to moms; I thrive on challenge and variety.

An Interview With Celebrity Personal Trainer Ashley Borden.
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An Interview With Ashley Borden.
With almost 20 years experience, Ashley has learned many lessons. As a celebrity trainer she has had experiences most of us can only dream about.
David Robson

[ Q ] Have you learned more during your schooling years for personal training or during the hands on approach?

    [ A ] Hands on approach 100%. You can study 'til the cows come home... but if you cannot translate the info to the client on the gym floor, it's ineffective. I still like to train with other great trainers! I feel I learn the most when I am open and ego-less.

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Ashley In A Nike Ad.

[ Q ] Do you feel just as much like a psychologist as you do a personal trainer?

    [ A ] Absolutely... I think the two go hand in hand. As your body changes, so does your life.

    1. 9-Time UFC Champion, Matt Hughes, Nike Elite Athlete, Ashley Borden & team took Matt's intense hardcore UFC training workout and made it accessible to everyone. Crunch Fitness Instructor, Jennifer Galardi, is the co-host for these workouts. She and Matt strike a great workout balance together.

An Interview With 9-Time UFC Champ Matt Hughes!
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An Interview With 9-Time UFC Champ Matt Hughes! Join me as Matt talks about past fights, training, nutrition, off-season, and more right here.
Layne Norton

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    4. The PlyoMix Ultimate Fitness includes 4 workout programs & 1 coaching session with Matt Hughes:

        Power - plyometric training
        Impact - strength training
        Intensity - circuit training and mixed martial arts
        Core - abs & back training
        Mental Edge - one-on-one coaching with Matt to learn his training secrets

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Ashley, Jennifer Galardi, Matt Hughes, Lauren Kim, Alan Jouban.
Ashley Was The Technical Director/Assistant Director For Alan's Plyomix Fitness DVD
The Other People Were The Talent In His DVD.